About eCommerceFuel

Our mission is to build the web’s best community for independent eCommerce merchants.  Why?  So they can create vibrant stores that in turn help them achieve financial freedom and the ability to pursue what’s most important to them in life.  Because, deep down, isn’t that what most of us really want?

Our particular focus is on what we call the independent merchant:  individuals or small eCommerce teams that operate niche eCommerce sites and/or offer amazing, unique products.  If you’re looking for eCommerce strategies from a corporate, stuffy perspective you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Andrew Youderian – Founder

smallHeadshotA few years ago, Andrew found himself employed in the corporate world at a job he didn’t love – so he quit to start his first eCommerce business (full story here). He’s been a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur ever since.

After four years as a bootstrapped merchant, he started eCommerceFuel to share what he’d learned and connect with other online store owners.

He currently owns Right Channel Radios and recently sold one of his other ventures, TrollingMotors.net, while chronicling the sales process.   He’s spoken at numerous events on eCommerce, including the 2014 SXSW Festival, and co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping.

Andrew currently lives in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana with his beautiful wife and daughter where he loves getting outside, basketball, skiing, a good bet and complaining about how long it takes for summer to arrive. You can connect with him on Twitter or here.

Laura Serino – Content & Community Manager

e6ef45_5ca165f0065d4e10964846c088c50d4e.jpeg_srz_395_494_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srzBefore joining eCommerceFuel, Laura spent four years as a multi-channel copywriter for the national retailer L.L.Bean. She worked on everything from content for the site, product copy, social media and e-mail campaigns. She also has experience in the editorial world, having been an editor in New York City for several years before moving to Maine.

These days, she’s responsible for connecting with members and curating content in the eCommerceFuel private forum, as well as ensuring top-notch blog content.

Laura currently lives on an island twelve miles off the coast of Maine with two cats and her (soon-to-be) lobsterman husband. You can connect with her here.