December News Roundup: Cyber Monday Stats, Google Enhanced Analytics and More


What’s new in the eCommerce world? We’re glad you asked. Andrew Youderian and Drew Sanocki are back with another look at the latest eCommerce news from the past couple of months including this year’s Cyber Monday stats, Capital One’s acquisition of AmeriCommerce and the Alibaba holiday that is blowing eCommerce sales out of the water.

Alibaba vs. Amazon: An In-Depth Comparison of Two eCommerce Giants


Everyone likes a good showdown.  With Alibaba’s recent IPO, people are eager to pit the two eCommerce juggernauts against each other to create an Alibaba vs. Amazon faceoff. But Alibaba is widely misunderstood.  And despite being an enormous eCommerce peer, it’s extremely different from Amazon.  Are the two really destined to be arch enemies or is it […]

October News Roundup: A History-Making IPO, Apple Pay and More


The boys are back in town! Our eCommerce veterans and podcast hosts Andrew Youderian and Drew Sanocki are taking a look at the biggest news in the world of eCommerce. Alibaba has gone public and is now the biggest IPO in history. Plus, we look at the debut of Apple Pay, Facebook’s new ad platform, […]

September News Roundup: Mobile Is Taking Over, Goodbye Google Authorship and More


Our eCommerce veterans and podcast hosts Andrew Youderian and Drew Sanocki are back for a look at the biggest news in the world of eCommerce. We’ve got some not surprising news about mobile (depending on who you ask) and lots of updates from the Google ecosystem. Here’s a look at what everyone is talking about […]

July Roundup: The eCommerce News You Need to Know


Welcome to our first ever monthly eCommerce news roundup! We’re looking back at the hot button issues from July with veteran eCommerce experts, podcast hosts and funny guys Andrew Youderian and Drew Sanocki. Here’s a look at the biggest news in the world of eCommerce.

The Open-Book Sale of My $600K Store (With Complete Financials)


I’m selling one of my stores,, and will be using a radically different approach. Instead of keeping the details private, I’ll be sharing all the key data, including financials and traffic stats. And forget business brokers or Flippa; I’ll be selling the site exclusively via the blog. Even the auction will be turned upside […]

Email Marketing Challenge, My Book & Great Recent Content

Drop Shipping Cover

I don’t normally write update posts, but I had a number of news items I wanted to share.  Specifically, I wanted to update you on how the email marketing challenge is going, let you know about my new drop shipping book and highlight some killer content I’ve enjoyed in October. I’m also giving away 25 […]

The New Google Keyword Planner: What You Need to Know

google-logo 2

Sadly, Google’s infamous Keyword Tool is no more.  It was recently replaced by the new (although not necessarily improved) Google Keyword Planner.  Why the switch, and what does it mean for you? Here’s what you need to know about the new functionality, as well as what to make of some concerning unusual changes to the data […]

The New eCommerceFuel Podcast


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the eCommerceFuel podcast!  For someone who loves both eCommerce and the sound of my own voice, it’s a truly exciting day. To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a copy of The Insider’s Guide and a 1-on-1 consulting session to one lucky listener (worth $899), but more on that […]

Judge Sides With eCommerce Merchants in Patent Dispute

Some of the biggest names in e-commerce – including Amazon,  eBay and Zappos – have persuaded a federal judge in Oakland to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit filed by a company claiming to hold exclusive rights to search-filtering technology. If you own an e-commerce website that uses a search filter, chances are you’ve heard of, […]