The Case for Bootstrapping Your Business


These days, it’s very fashionable to have a business “funded” by an investor or venture capital firm.  While this kind of funding is most prevalent in the tech sector, it’s still tempting for ambitious new store owners to bring on investors or get a business loan to “accelerate” their progress. But that’s almost always a […]

10 eCommerce Experts You Should Be Following


It’s really hard to find quality eCommerce content with the individual entrepreneur in mind. Too many sites are targeted only toward large enterprise businesses, have poor content or don’t have first-hand experience running an eCommerce store. That’s why I’m bringing you a list of eCommerce experts who need to be on your radar. I picked […]

4 Signs You Shouldn’t Start an Online Store


I recently received the following email from a reader hoping to get started with eCommerce: Hi Andrew – I have just spent $5,500 with [X training program] online, and feel like I got ripped off. I have not found my NICHE. I have information overload with their tutorials and weekly discussions. I am 60 years old. […]

Turning Around a Troubled Online Store


A few posts back I highlighted and offered advice on the purchase of – an online store specializing in concessions equipment. With the deal finalized I wanted to provide Andy (the new owner) guidance on next steps to maximize the store’s potential, especially given its history of sub-par customer service, declining revenues and possible SEO penalties. Below are six […]

The 15-Minute Guide to Becoming an SEO Ninja

Nofollow Links

Learning SEO can be an intimidating process. There’s an incredible amount of information online and even more conflicting opinions from so-called “experts.” You could spend months trying to sort everything out. Or you could invest 15 minutes reading this guide and come away with a solid foundation of how SEO really works. I’ve focused on […]

Nobody Cares About Your Business


This is the first in a series of posts about eCommerce marketing and SEO. There’s so much to learn when it comes to effectively marketing a new business, it can be dizzying. You need to think about on-page SEO tactics, link building, pay-per-click advertising, article writing, social media, guest posting and more. But if you […]

‘Must-Have’ Skills for eCommerce Founders


The world has debated endlessly about which skills, attributes or traits are most necessary for “successful” entrepreneurs.  This post will not answer that question.  It will, however, list the must-have skills needed if you plan on growing your own successful e-commerce business, especially if you’re a solo founder.

A Corporate Escape Story: How eCommerce Changed My Life

Hiking in Patagonia

It was 5:00 on a Sunday, and I still had hours of work to do at the office. My girlfriend – who lived nine hours away and was in town for a rare visit – was sitting alone in my apartment, anxiously waiting for me to finish (and likely reconsidering the wisdom of her choice to date […]