Learn How to Build a Successful, Highly Profitable Online Store

Based on my years of experience founding eCommerce businesses, this detailed 55-page guide will teach you how to methodologically build a profitable online store. It covers topics such as:

  • Niche attributes that increase your chance of success
  • Finding & evaluating wholesale suppliers
  • Estimating market demand & profitability
  • Performing research on competitors
  • A 24-point worksheet for “grading” niches



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A Few Things You’ll Learn:


  • Learn the nine characteristics that significantly increase your chance of making money with a certain niche (pg. 5).
  • A #1 spot in Google isn’t as valuable as many think.  Learn where you should really be investing to get significantly more traffic (pg. 32).
  • You can find wholesale sources yourself – or pay $300 for a third-party guide that claims to provide you with thousands of reliable wholesale sources. Is it worth the money? (pg .27)
  • Suppliers will make or break your business.  Learn to identify the great ones – and spot the bad (pg. 21).
  • Learn the under-the-radar 5 Point Site Quality Assessment technique that could save you years of work by steering you away from entrenched competitors (pg. 42).
  • Should you buy targeted traffic for your site, rely on search engine results or use both techniques together? (pg. 39)
  • Learn about the niche “sweet spot” that offers the potential for significant profits without having to invest a tremendous amount of work to get there (pg. 43).
  • Despite popular opinion, higher search volume for a niche isn’t always better.  Learn the Goldilocks Method of determining whether a search gives you too few or too many matches (pg. 31).
  • Get the inside scoop on how Google’s free Keyword Tool serves up buyer keywords on a silver platter (pg. 30).
  • Learn how to estimate the all-important PPO (Profit Per Order) before you sink your precious resources into selling the wrong mix of products (pg. 35).
  • A well-known site providing a treasure trove of free market research data gives traffic estimates, too. Do they overreport those results, or is it possible you might be pleasantly surprised by an unplanned traffic stream? (pg. 36)
  • You know Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. But did you know there’s another search engine you can use specially for search engine optimization purposes? (pg. 41)

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  1. Great information for someone looking to launch his or her own eCommerce site. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

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