Content and Research Assistant

Hey! Andrew here from eCommerceFuel, the world’s largest Community of 7- and 8-figure store owners.  I’m looking to hire a smart, savvy and fun-loving person to join the eCommerceFuel team as a Content and Research Assistant. The role will be responsible for upping eCommerceFuel’s content game through deep research, writing and re-purposing content.


What You’ll Be Doing

In your future life on the team here are a few things you’d do:

  • Put together our eCommerce Trends Report.  This would include sending out the survey, analyzing the data and collaborating with me on what is worth sharing. You’d also work with a designer to make it look beautiful via charts, graphs and irreverent illustrations that set it apart from other boring business reports.
  • Research, write and market blog posts on topics highly relevant to established store owners that make them desperate to join our Community.
  • Get into a meme roasting battle with other ECF team members on our Slack channel.
  • Write a concise, value-packed and quirky newsletter discussing ECF content and other industry news/research.
  • Spend 6-8 hours doing a deep dive on data, stats and trends to help answer the question: “Should U.S. Amazon sellers be worried about Chinese Factories selling on Amazon?”
  • Proofread, edit and publish a guest post from one of our trusted community members on the ECF blog.
  • Improve the podcast by suggesting/scheduling guests, pulling out the most valuable nuggets from the interview and re-purposing the takeaways across multiple platforms.
  • Interact with journalists who reach out with questions about eCommerce.  In the last month alone we’ve been contacted by the WSJ and Bloomberg for their stories.


Why Work with Us

You’ve got another ~8 billion people you could work with and a mere 90 years on this planet.  So why spend a big chunk of your valuable life working with myself and the ECF team?

  • Build Your Marketing Chops:  I’ll teach you everything I know about content marketing.  I’ve built two 7-figure businesses – including eCommerceFuel – entirely with content marketing (no paid spend or outside investment) and I’ll share everything with you.
  • Incredible Primary Data Source:  You’ve got access to an incredible pool of primary data with the eCommerceFuel Private Community.  It’s a group of 1,000+ 7- and 8-figure store owners who are posting hundreds of comments per day in the forums.  Between the years of archived discussions, ability to connect 1-on-1 with members and using it as a platform to launch surveys it’s a killer resource that will make your job 5x easier and more impactful.
  • Remote Role:  If you hadn’t guessed already this role is 100% remote.  Work wherever you happen to love being in the world.
  • Completely Schedule Flexibility:  Work whenever works best for you as long as it doesn’t get in the way of getting your job done.
  • Access to a World-Class Community + Professional Development:  Data source aside, you get to tap into our Community that is reserved exclusively for successful entrepreneurs:  members must own a 7-figure business to join and our average member does ~$4 million per year in revenues.  We also have a sub-group inside exclusively for members doing $10M+ per year, with the average member there doing $25M.  It’s an amazing group of people who are discussing high-level stuff.  And you get a free pass to learn and take advantage of all of it.
  • Fun, Laid Back Team:  The style of this job description should tell you a lot about who you’ll be working with.  I’m pretty biased but our team is fun, smart, laid-back and yet super professional.  I know you’ll enjoy working with them.
  • Meaningful Audience:  Over the years we’ve developed a meaningful podcast audience (40,000 monthly downloads) and sizable email list (20,000+).  The work that you’ll do and contribute to will be seen by a sizable group of people.


What You Look Like

Interested in joining forces?  To excel in this role you’ll need to have:

  • A High-Level Understand of eCommerce.  You don’t need to be Jeff Bezos but if you’ve never heard of Shopify that’s a bad sign.  The more you know the space, the better.
  • Strong Writing Chops.  Past professional writing isn’t a requirement (although that’s a big plus) but you need to be a really strong writer.  If you already spotted typos above that’s a great sign.
  • Love Going Deep on a Subject:  Your ability to go really, really deep into a subject is very important.  The thought of spending six hours researching a topic deeply to come away with 3-4 key takeaways and stats should sound invigorating, not intimidating.
  • Healthy Sense of Humor:  Our team is extremely light hearted and has a healthy sense of humor.  Historically that’s come through in the brand voice for eCommerceFuel, too, through quirky and fun podcasts, social and blog posts.  To fit in well you’ll need to be able to at a minimum appreciate it and, ideally, contribute to the irreverence occasionally.
  • Strong Editorial Sense:  The ability to condense content down to 2-3 key takeaways + be able to understand what’s relevant (and not) when writing will be critical.
  • History of Working Independently:  You should have something in your work history that speaks to your ability to work independently:  a previous remote gig,  self-directed role as a researcher at a university, an agency you owned/ran, etc.
  • Decent with Numbers:  You don’t need to be a savant here but you will be doing some basic number crunching in excel.  Speaking of excel….
  • Basic Excel Skills:  If you can’t sort rows or manually type in the formulas for mean/average without checking Google first this probably won’t be a good fit.  You won’t be doing loads of excel work but our Annual eCommerce Trends reports relies on a decent amount of intermediate excel work.
  • Comfortable with a Part-Time Role:  This role will be 20-25 hours per week.  It’d be ideal for someone with a side hustle, a parent who wants more time with their family or someone who’s been in eCommerce for a while but is ready for a lighter work load.


Job Details + How to Apply

As mentioned above this is a fully remote part-time role for 20-25 hours per week.   Compensation is completely dependent upon experience, we’re willing to pay well for the right candidates with strong backgrounds.

To apply please send an email to me at andrew at ecommercefuel dot com with the subject line “You’d Be Crazy Not to Hire Me” and answer the following questions:

  • What made you apply for this position?
  • What 2-3 words would your friends/family use to describe you?
  • Why do you think you’d be a good fit?
  • Describe any work/career skills you’ve developed that would help you do well.
  • Can you share anything online that helps me get to know you a little better?  (Website, Blog, Twitter, etc)

Deadline to apply is November 21st. Thanks and can’t wait to hear from you!