I’ve Been Training My Whole Life For This

The (Very) Early Days

Armed with a cassette recorder and some incredibly good 90s music I launched the ASY Radio Network as a kid. If you’re brave enough you can give it a sample here.

College Years

Ah, what good years at KGLT in Bozeman! I’d host a show with 3 straight hours of funk music which is probably why they stuck me on the graveyard shift from 3-6am. It was called “The Late Night Groove” and I’d be lucky if anyone called to claim the free CDs I’d give away on-air. I wonder if that crime scene body outline we drew in the studio is still there…..


I’m no longer playing much funk or ad-libbing faux commercials but I am doing my best to bring a little irreverence and fun to the eCommerce world.

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