The Top 10 eCommerce Companies in NYC (Plus 10 Amazing Ones You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)

The Top 10 eCommerce Companies in NYC (Plus 10 Amazing Ones You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)

New York City is the concrete jungle where eCommerce dreams are made of. We searched hundreds of companies based in the Big Apple to find our favorite established brands that are based there, as well as ten eCommerce companies you may not know about yet.

Here’s our top 20 list of New York’s best. And if you’re looking to work at one of the coolest eCommerce companies in New York City to work for, start your search right here.

Best Made Company

For those whose personal ethos is that less is more and that in an increasingly disposable world, quality matters, then head on over to Best Made Company. Quality is built into their products every step of the way, from ideation to production. A design-matters approach to life and a love of artisans and craftsmen is important to every employee that works here.


Love to cook? Better yet, love to eat? Then Food52 is the ultimate paradise, a site that curates the best in kitchen wares and recipes in an accessible, yummy way. An ever-flowing giveaway table featuring kitchenware, cookbooks & Leftover Flower Fridays are just some of the perks. And of course, there are always snacks.

Warby Parker

Every bespectacled guy or girl knows the name Warby Parker. Based in NYC (with a new office in Nashville), Warby Parker was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company. Employees get free eyewear (naturally) but also reap the benefits of parental leave, great healthcare, flexible vacation policies, but also free snacks and intramural sports throughout the workweek.


The founders of Harry’s bought the world’s best razor factory where high-grade steel was grinding into some of the world’s sharpest blades since 1920. Harry’s creates thoughtful shaving tools and products and support organizations that have a positive impact on men. Employees enjoy paid time off to volunteer, 16 weeks of paid parental leave, plus four weeks of customized re-boarding for all new parents, and as a bonus to employees that stick around, a paid monthlong sabbatical after five years.


At one point, the thought of getting a mattress delivered to your door in a box seemed outrageous. But today, it’s just business as usual thanks to Casper. Want to join their dream team? If you do they’ve got in-office nap pods and cold brew on tap. And you’ll never get yelled at for dozing at your desk. (Just kidding. Don’t sleep at work!)


What started out as a cult Instagram account soon lead the way to one of the coolest travel bags on the planet. Away Bags require you to bring everything you need and nothing you don’t and have built-in phone chargers. How did no one think of that before? Join this travel-savvy team and enjoy team lunches, a dog-friendly office and very flexible paid time off.

Uncommon Goods

Before the rise of independent makers on Etsy, there was Uncommon Goods, who have been selling handmade and unique wares from artisans since 1999. Their HQ is in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal where you’ll get to work in a collaborative team, enjoy free lunches, have paid time-off to volunteer and get a free bike if you want to start pedaling to work.


Some industries need to be shaken up, and that’s exactly what Thinx did with their period-proof underwear that really works. Not only are they helping women period better, but empowering young people with safe spaces to learn about reproductive health and human rights. Employees enjoy unlimited vacations, gym memberships and new underwear.


Indie film is a thing. Indie music is a thing. And now, Indie food is a thing thanks to the team at Mouth, where they curate amazing handcrafted food items that you can ship as gifts (or to yourself). They also offer subscriptions and cool themes (think “Breakup Bites” or “Sick Day Care Package”) for all your food-gifting needs. You’ll get competitive benefits and literally all the snacks you could ever eat.

Kauffman Mercantile

“Let’s change the way people purchase products.” Sounds like a big feat, but it’s exactly what the team at Kaufmann Mercantile believe. Kaufmann Mercantile sources from the best craftsmen all over the globe to meet their exacting standards to sell everything from camp gear to kitchen wares. Be a part of a truly collaborative environment and help raise the bar on teaching consumers how to shop better.

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: Now Available from Kaufmann Mercantile on Vimeo.

10 Under-The-Radar eCommerce Companies

And now for the underdogs. These eCommerce companies are newer to the scene, but are quickly gaining recognition in the industry as brands people love. And, it turns out, brands people want to work for too.


The Wall Street Journal calls Maisonette “the future of kids’ style shopping,” which is pretty fitting since it was conceived by two former Vogue editors. The shop marries a curated collection of kiddo finds as well as engaging content on their site too. It’s a destination that parents can’t help but check out on a weekly basis. Employees get generous discounts, full benefits and the chance to be a part of a fast-growing startup.

Working moms and former Vogue employees launch luxury kids clothing line out of necessity from CNBC.


A lifelong brand for women, Lola offers products from the very first period until you’re in the throes of menopause. It’s like having your best friend by your side through all life’s ups and downs. Not only will you work here and be a part of an industry game-changer, but you’ll be able to move up quickly as the company continues to grow.

Four Sigmatic

There’s a lot to be said about shrooms, specifically the non-hallucinogenic kind. Four Sigmatic brings mushrooms and superfoods to kitchens all over the world with elixirs and coffees or teas. Be a part of a globally distributed team with remote work options, company laptop and phone, annual team trips and all the mushroom coffee you can drink.


Sometimes putting an outfit together for kids is hard. But Primary helps make it easier with better basics in a variety of colors so you can manage to get your kids dressed before you’ve even had a cup of coffee. This family-first collaborative has excellent benefits and totally understands the needs of working parents.

Proper Cloth

Custom shirts aren’t just for the likes of Jay-Z anymore. Proper Cloth is bringing custom shirts to the every man. Work in their SoHo loft and enjoy catered lunches, a stocked kitchen, cold brew and kombucha on tap, as well as a clothing allowance.

The Sill

If you’re really bad at keeping plants alive, you can still work here. But that trait will probably be frowned upon at The Sill, the company bringing indoor plants to every home they can get their green thumbs on. Unlimited discretionary time off and commuter benefits are some of the perks offered to employees.


Luxury bedding basics for the bedroom is what Brooklinen is all about. Their sheets get rave reviews and we promise you’ll suddenly sleep better working for them. The small, nimble team means you’ll have a unique chance to collaborate with everyone in a fast-growing business.


Here’s the thing about couch shopping. It’s either expensive and a long wait until it arrives or it’s cheap and a pain to put together. Enter Burrow, the couch company that’s bringing high-quality, easy to assemble couches to the masses, made from environmentally-conscious materials. Join the team and be a part of the crew that Fast Company just named as one of the most innovative retail companies in the world.


You don’t really think about how crucial something as small as the toothbrush can be. And when Quip invented a better way to brush, it was clear that toothbrushes could finally enjoy their time in the sun. The Quip office is located in the heart of DUMBO with breathtaking views of Manhattan Bridge and employees enjoy flexible work hours and flexible uncapped vacation too. Bonus: your dental hygiene will also thank you.

Ivory Ella

Everyone wants to save the elephants. But the folks at Ivory + Ella are actually doing it through their thoughtfully designed clothes for a cause. You’ll get the chance to work on brand initiatives that help a worthy cause and get the chance to see the elephants in real life on team trips to Africa.

Looking for a new gig?

If you’d love to work for an eCommerce company as cool as the ones on our list, search for top NYC eCommerce jobs on our job board. New jobs are added every day so check back or sign up for New York e-mail alerts to help you find the job of your dreams.

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