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You’re busy building empires, growing sales and taking over the world…..or at least the home aquarium niche. That’s why our news round-ups (via podcast and email) are shrines built to the gods of brevity. They keep you current on the major eCommerce news affecting you in just 5-10 minutes a week so you can quickly get back to decimating your competitors.

News Cart for June 19th

Hey there!

Shopify partners with Walmart, it’s probably time to move on from Magento 1.x and if you like overlanding you should chat with Drew Sanocki.

Enjoy today’s News Cart!

– Andrew

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In the News

Shopify Partners Up with Walmart

  • New integrations makes it easier for Shopify sellers to sell on Walmart and sync their product+inventory feeds
  • Only an estimated 1,200 Shopify merchants will be approved for the program by the end of the year, ~0.1% of all Shopify stores

Facebook Tests Email Marketing Tools for Business Pages

  • Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to upload their contact lists and create marketing emails directly through Facebook
  • Likely will appeal mostly to small businesses/pages with no existing ESP


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