The Real-World eCommerce Training Course You’ll Love

The Real-World eCommerce Training Course You’ll Love

Today I’m thrilled to announce The Insider’s Guide to Building an Online Store. The Guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step eCommerce training course designed to help you build your own store – even if you’re just getting started.

To celebrate the launch,  I’ll be giving away a few copies … but more on that in just a minute. First, I want to share how the Insider’s Guide can help you build a life-changing business:

Everything You Need in One Place

There’s an incredible amount to learn when starting an eCommerce store, and trying to glean information from hundreds of sources is time-consuming and frustrating. This eCommerce training course includes everything you need to know to successfully build your business – from incorporation to niche selection, and all the way through marketing and site optimization.

Learn From Real-World, Successful Stores

The Insider’s Guide offers you a true insider’s look at the techniques I used to grow my two eCommerce businesses, and Right Channel Radios, to more than $1.3 million in annual revenue. I incorporate my successes (and failures) into every aspect of the eCommerce course so you get to learn from proven first-hand experience.

Screencasts That Show You Exactly What to Do

Ever gone through training only to remain confused at the end about how to actually implement what you learned? It’s frustrating. That’s why the guide is packed with “in action” screencast videos that let you watch over my shoulder as I apply the concepts learned to actually carry out the task.

Watch over my shoulder as I create a real AdWords campaign for You can also see the exact process I use to do keywords research from scratch. The Guide’s numerous in-depth screencasts show you precisely what to do.

High-Quality Video Training

The Insider’s Guide is made up of 70+ bite-sized video lessons and more than 20 hours of content. The eCommerce course also includes nearly two dozen worksheets, spreadsheets and checklists. All the content is immediately available, and you can download every lesson (in audio and video form) for ultimate flexibility.

If you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve published on the blog, you’re going to love this eCommerce course – it’s by far the best work I’ve ever done. The lessons are incredibly detailed, well organized and actionable, and are designed to help you quickly understand what took me years to learn.


Student Reactions

A few weeks ago, I invited a small group of Beta testers to review the Insider’s Guide. Here are just a few of their comments:

Harradine“I have gone through several paid eCommerce courses and I can say without a doubt this is the most comprehensive, well laid out and specific course I have taken. You really get the sense that a lot of time, energy and thoughtfulness were used in putting this together.”  

— Jesse Harradine, Beta Tester

Richter-3“The beauty of this course is that it is taught directly from experience, using real-world and successful eCommerce businesses as examples. The content is more practical and exhaustive than any I’ve ever seen.”

— Jason Richter, Beta Tester

Bear“I was ready to spend thousands of dollars on a personal business coach to get the same information that was provided in your course. The content is highly detailed and focused, and far exceeded my expectations.”  

— Mindi Bear, Beta Tester

Smith“Compared to other trainings I’ve done, this one is quite exhaustive. Most training programs only offer an overview. You go into a lot of detail. I believe your training course is so extensive that a person who wanted to get into eCommerce would be able to do so.”

— Michael Smith, Beta Tester


The Complete Edition

The Complete Edition of the Guide includes all the Guide’s content and is designed to help you launch and market your own successful store from scratch, even if you don’t have a niche idea yet. The eCommerce training course includes all five modules of content:

  1. Business Incorporation
  2. Niche Selection
  3. Launching Your Store
  4. Marketing
  5. Store Optimization

If you don’t already have a store, the Complete Edition is the one you’ll want. It includes everything you’ll need to build a profitable store from the ground up.

For more details and to purchase, please see The Complete Edition of the Insider’s Guide.


The Store Owner’s Edition

The Store Owner’s Edition includes just the last two modules of the Complete Edition – the Marketing and Optimization modules – at a discounted price.

If you’re an existing store owner, you likely don’t need the information in the first three modules (picking a niche, launching your store, etc.). So I created the Store Owner’s Edition to offer you the option of just buying the Marketing and Optimization modules at a fair price.

For more details and to purchase, please see The Store Owner’s Edition of the Insider’s Guide.


Win a Copy of the Insider’s Guide

To celebrate the launch, I’ll be giving away copies of the Complete Edition of the Insider’s Guide to two lucky readers! To enter the contest, get acquainted with everything the Insider’s Guide has to offer and then let me know in the comments what aspect of the training would be most beneficial to you.

For Bonus Points: Let me know why you deserve to win. Have you sacrificed to make your business dreams a reality? Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps toward opening your own store or even have a storefront online! Whatever it is, let me know why you deserve to win.

Deadline: I’ll be selecting the winners on Monday, June 3, at 10:00 MST so make sure to get your entries in by then. Already purchased your copy? You can still enter! Leave your comment below, and I’ll refund your purchase price if you win.

And The Winners Are….

Thank you, everyone, who submitted an entry below!  It was extremely difficult to pick just two, but after significant deliberation the winners are:

Melanie Riddell – Despite being a full-time mother and working, Melanie has made large strides with her store, Sizzling Science, and is even manufacturing her own product.   Awesome work, Melanie!

Umayr Hussaini – Reading Umar’s comment, you get the sense he’s really put in some serious time to learning as much as possible about eCommerce, online business and even the technical side of things.  Not only that, but he’s showing this commitment at 19 years of age when few of his peers are investing in their own business education outside of school.  Well done, Umayr!

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!

Andrew Youderian
Post by Andrew Youderian
Andrew is the founder of eCommerceFuel and has been building eCommerce businesses ever since gleefully leaving the corporate world in 2008.  Join him and 1,000+ vetted 7- and 8-figure store owners inside the eCommerceFuel Community.

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Kaven AyotteJune 3, 2013

Hi Andrew,

I really like your website, even after only 1 year it is already one of the best ressources on eCommerce online.

My situation is a bit different of most as I work full-time as the eCommerce manager of a big local sports/fishing/hunting retailer here in Quebec that targets french canadians. The store already works well and sales grow rapidly, but I would use the Marketing and Optimization modules of your store owner’s edition to take it to the next level.


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Drew WilliamsJune 3, 2013

Hi Andrew,

First off, congratulations on all your success and thank you for publishing highly authentic and valuable information for like-minded entrepreneurs! Kudos to you for providing to your audience with such an information-rich e-book, “Profitable eCommerce”. This was an excellent read!

I have a unique background that I bring to e-commerce. I graduated with a Biology degree and followed that up with a Masters of Science degree. I am currently doing further post-grad work in Florida. Over the years I have seen great opportunity to leverage my scientific background in the world of e-commerce. I have studied many individuals areas of e-commerce in my attempt to put together the pieces needed for success……and I have achieved some success, and even more failure! Although I have had to abandon past e-commerce projects, I am confident my failures have led to valuable learning experiences that I can apply towards my future project.

Coming for a non-traditional background and stepping foot into the e-commerce world, I “The Insider’s Guide” is the comprehensive guide that I (and many others!) have been waiting for! Because of my non-traditional, scientific background, I would highly benefit from Module 3: Build and Launch Your Store Quickly and Module 4: Market your New Store Like a Pro. My current project focuses on specific niche related to my scientific background, and for this reason I am confident I can add much more value to the customers beyond the product itself – one of the lessons you stress in your ebook. I am fortunate that many of the pieces have been falling into place. However, NOW is the time I need to apply the valuable lessons from “The Insider’s Guide” in order to make this a reality!

Thank you for your consideration!

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TomJune 3, 2013

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for putting this course together, it looks really comprehensive.

I am from Australia, so I find the business set up to be particularly helpful. I have been struggling to decide if I should set up a business in the United States or Australia. Obviously the market is larger in the US and there are more drop-shipping companies in the US. However, I am yet to find a straight forward guide to setting up an ecommerce business in the US for someone that is not a US citizen. The fact that you have interviewed an Australian who has set up a business in the US is very inspirational.

I also find the niche and supplier section to be very beneficial, as this is something that I am also struggling with. I really like the fact that you have included worksheets and checklists in this course. I find that this helps a lot with being able to stay on the right track and feel confident about the progress being made.

Why me? I am really motivated to create a store that provides a wide range of products for an enthusiast, as well as a lot of helpful “how to” information for someone who is new to the niche that I enter. I am currently not working at the moment so winning this course would really help me with getting started.

As others have said keep up the good work!



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EazyJune 3, 2013

Let me help you create an interesting case study. My day job is working for a medium or large (depending on your definition) internet-only retailer of outdoor sporting goods. We sell trolling motors so I guess that makes me a direct competitor. We’re on pace to do over 25 million this year through our ecommerce channels. We compete mostly on price and a large portion of business is done through third party marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. We have a few catch-all websites for all of our products and one of them was at one point doing over 1.5 – 2 million annually. Recently, we’ve tried to develop niche sites similar to We’ve done OK with them, but our focus is back on the catch-alls. I’ve been in eCommerce for 5 years and retail for about 15.

The most beneficial part for me would be your hands-on approach. I’d also like to see your niche selection process as that is the most crucial part.

Why should I win?

I’ve had a business incorporated since 2009. In 2011, I tried venturing out on my own through dropshipping, but failed for various reasons. My wife recently lost her job and we just had our first child – very excited and nervous! My dream is to pass him a successful business.

Not only can I learn a lot from you, but I have a decent amount of experience myself, and I can give you some ideas about improving your course (not that it isn’t great already – you are the real deal and your free content is great). But for example, I’m an expert in third party marketplaces and I don’t see much about a multi-channel approach on your blog.

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RemiJune 3, 2013

Hey Andrew,

There is one interesting for you and wonder whether you mention or teach that in you Insider’s Guide. How did you manage to start working on your on-line business while still working in a corporate environment? Did you have an overlap period? If you so how much time you took to switch full-time to your eCommerce project? Or you just went for it and did a switchover instantly?

You see, I am in a similar situation, working for a big company, luckily working a bit home office and have some time to start preparing for eCommerce business, eventually leave my corporate carrier and dedicate 100% to my business. The thing is that I am struggling how to effectively run those 2 activities at the same time. I am so into starting my own business that can hardly concentrate on my day-to-day job, thinking all the time about picking a good niche and go out there, feel like I cannot waste much more time. But on the other side there is this thinking that I should be dedicating my self to my corporate job and this way cannot concentrate on any of the tasks hehehehe!!! What would be your advise on that? How can I overcome this uncomfortable migration process?

Thanks in advance,

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Andrew YouderianJune 11, 2013

Hey Remi! Personally, I saved up for a few years so I could quit my job to start the business. But I know a lot of people start stores in their free time as well. For an example, I’d recommend this article by Kamal:

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DavidaJune 4, 2013

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your success with your businesses & training programme.

As someone who has battled to get a job I started a promotional/branding business, which hasn’t done at all well as my marketing skills are not the best.

To win your programme would mean the world to me.

My financial circumstances dictate that as much a I would love to buy your programme I couldn’t afford to.
With the business that I started that hasn’t gone anywhere & my husband not able to work due to a back injury.

I would love have a go at making my current business more successful by taking it on-line and having you as a mentor would be “priceless”.

Once again thank you for sharing.


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Candice KennyJune 4, 2013

Hi Andrew!

I’m really excited that this guide exists! I believe it to be the perfect resource for dropshipping and other models of ecommerce, especially for people who are newbies, like myself. It’s born at the perfect time for me, I had just been laid off due to work shortage and the future seems uncertain. I have been dreaming of starting a dropshipping business for years now, but haven’t been sure of the right steps to take. I like to do things perfectly the first time around and being this a underground type model of work, it’s been hard to find resources and tools to get started.

I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time and have not only read and watched but have thoroughly enjoyed all of your blog posts, emails, pdfs, spreadsheets and videos. I relate well to your writing and your style of marketing. I would love to be able to share knowledge with you as I believe that you are one of the best in the business.

Whenever I speak about the dropshipping model to people, I am often met with a “that’s a pyramid scheme” type of response. My husband has been unsupportive in my quest to start my own store, and remains unconvinced no matter how I try to explain the benefits. Especially now that money is tight, he has been very much against spending the amount that I want to for this guide. It’s been a struggle to make him realize that it will save time and money as the business progresses. I am sure that I will learn quicker and more effectively through your guide than if I had learned on my own.

The section that I would learn the most from would be actually be all of them. From start to finish I want it to be executed as well as it possibly can be.

I want to say thanks for taking all the time required to create this guide. I admire your honest approach to marketing and I hope that I will soon learn what you have to share!

Thanks for reading,

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SteveJune 11, 2013

**Whenever I speak about the dropshipping model to people, I am often met with a “that’s a pyramid scheme” type of response. **

Those people are called idiots.

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Andrew YouderianJune 11, 2013

Thanks for the entry Candice, as well as for picking up a copy of The Insider’s Guide! I hope it’s incredibly useful to you and dramatically cuts down on your learning curve.

Best of luck!

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Ryan SherrattJune 4, 2013

Hey Andrew,

Firstly great work the blog, please keep it up. 😀

I’m sure the whole program will be useful, but i think right now the best part for me would be “Niche Selection”. I’m a Canadian Expat living in Guangzhou, China right now. I’ve made some really great connections in the jewelry industry and have been heading in that direction. However the more research i do on e-commerces, the more i wonder how i should niche jewelry.

As for why i deserve it, I have to admit i hate these kind of questions. I don’t want to give a sob story and compete for pity.
The truth is i’ve been researching, planning and saving for e-commerce for the past 5 months now, so with or with-out the training I will be launching a store this season. It would just be nice to join the ranks of e-commerce entrepreneurs, armed with some solid know-how and more confidence having completed your course.

BTW, if you ever need a contact in Guangzhou or Shenzhen to source or QA a product for please feel free to drop me a line.

Best of luck to everyone!


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SvenJune 4, 2013

Hi Ryan,

you are located in Guangdong province? Nice. Have been in Shenzen 10 days ago. Visa run 🙂 We are currently living in Yangzhou, east of Shanghai. Drop me a line on LinkedIn! Always great so see some fellow internet marketers with the same problems as me (VPN not working, slow connection speed and so on). But the great food and in your case weather makes up for it, right?


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Andrew YouderianJune 11, 2013

Thanks for the offer Ryan! Appreciate your entry, and good luck as you’re starting your business.

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OmarJune 19, 2013

Hi Andrew,

For the complete edition, does it include 100’s of actively searched niches on Google?

Thank you,

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Andrew YouderianJune 21, 2013

It does, Omar! The Complete Edition includes everything, including the comprehensive niche brainstorming resources.

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Rob MarrAugust 7, 2013

I Need Help Building and Analyzing my Content and SEO Strategy………..Please!

Introduction to project

Okay so in this short paragraph I am going to give a brief insight into the project I am currently working on and the aims and objectives of what I and my company aim to achieve.

Tools Company

Basically I work for a tools company who are about to launch an online website to sell and distribute their products all over the UK. Tools boring…. I know, but stay with me. I have been given the task of optimizing the website as well as creating brand presence and engagement through research, development and implementation of an engaging content strategy. Through the content I aim to add excitement, educate, and inspire the tools buying persona and ultimately bring excitement to an industry which lets just say ‘doesn’t exactly get the pulse racing’. In other words, I want to away with all the boring deals,promotional and and store opening based drivel (not literally all of it but you get the picture) and bring back some ‘fun’.

Bottom Line : Increase Sales Online

I have done a large amount of research into the areas I need to cover. However admittedly I am relatively new to the world of online marketing and although I have a lot of experience in brand optimization and consumer psychology, I have a few questions to ask ‘the experts’ into the more practical elements which will help me execute and manage my project. I have split my queries into the different marketing areas I want to target. I do not expect anyone to help me with all, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Please try to bare in mind, I am a one man band on this so budget and time are major constraints.


1. Best way to research and choose the keywords for PPC?

2. What very simple organic search SEO basics should I be utilizing?

3. How do I build my social media channels, and blogging into SEO (link building etc)?

Bench Marking

1. I want to benchmark my nearest competitors Social Media analytic’s so I can determine their success’s and failure and also create targets for where I want us to get to. However I can’t seem to find any software which allows you to conduct competitor analysis. I am using Hoot suite but this only allows me to manage and analyse my own social networks

2. I also want to do this for SEO, I know MOZ allows you to do this


1. How do I set up listening posts to follow whats trending in a select websites, blogs, social media platforms etc? Search the whole WWW is too broad for the kind of research I am trying to conduct.

Anything Else! (literally anything!)

Any other useful or eye opening tips you have for me which you feel can help me deliver this project, the more the merrier!



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RavindraAugust 13, 2013

Hi Andrew,

After thinking long and hard about doing something extra and starting my own business, I have finally bit the bullet. I am in the process of launching a business dealing with marine electronics and instruments like fishfinders, VHF radios, marine cameras, radars and instrument displays called ( It is not fully operational although the website is up and running and will be open soon.



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