The Real-World eCommerce Training Course You’ll Love

Today I’m thrilled to announce The Insider’s Guide to Building an Online Store. The Guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step eCommerce training course designed to help you build your own store – even if you’re just getting started.

To celebrate the launch,  I’ll be giving away a few copies … but more on that in just a minute. First, I want to share how the Insider’s Guide can help you build a life-changing business:

Everything You Need in One Place

There’s an incredible amount to learn when starting an eCommerce store, and trying to glean information from hundreds of sources is time-consuming and frustrating. This eCommerce training course includes everything you need to know to successfully build your business – from incorporation to niche selection, and all the way through marketing and site optimization.

Learn From Real-World, Successful Stores

The Insider’s Guide offers you a true insider’s look at the techniques I used to grow my two eCommerce businesses, and Right Channel Radios, to more than $1.3 million in annual revenue. I incorporate my successes (and failures) into every aspect of the eCommerce course so you get to learn from proven first-hand experience.

Screencasts That Show You Exactly What to Do

Ever gone through training only to remain confused at the end about how to actually implement what you learned? It’s frustrating. That’s why the guide is packed with “in action” screencast videos that let you watch over my shoulder as I apply the concepts learned to actually carry out the task.

Watch over my shoulder as I create a real AdWords campaign for You can also see the exact process I use to do keywords research from scratch. The Guide’s numerous in-depth screencasts show you precisely what to do.

High-Quality Video Training

The Insider’s Guide is made up of 70+ bite-sized video lessons and more than 20 hours of content. The eCommerce course also includes nearly two dozen worksheets, spreadsheets and checklists. All the content is immediately available, and you can download every lesson (in audio and video form) for ultimate flexibility.

If you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve published on the blog, you’re going to love this eCommerce course – it’s by far the best work I’ve ever done. The lessons are incredibly detailed, well organized and actionable, and are designed to help you quickly understand what took me years to learn.


Student Reactions

A few weeks ago, I invited a small group of Beta testers to review the Insider’s Guide. Here are just a few of their comments:

Harradine“I have gone through several paid eCommerce courses and I can say without a doubt this is the most comprehensive, well laid out and specific course I have taken. You really get the sense that a lot of time, energy and thoughtfulness were used in putting this together.”  

— Jesse Harradine, Beta Tester

Richter-3“The beauty of this course is that it is taught directly from experience, using real-world and successful eCommerce businesses as examples. The content is more practical and exhaustive than any I’ve ever seen.”

— Jason Richter, Beta Tester

Bear“I was ready to spend thousands of dollars on a personal business coach to get the same information that was provided in your course. The content is highly detailed and focused, and far exceeded my expectations.”  

— Mindi Bear, Beta Tester

Smith“Compared to other trainings I’ve done, this one is quite exhaustive. Most training programs only offer an overview. You go into a lot of detail. I believe your training course is so extensive that a person who wanted to get into eCommerce would be able to do so.”

— Michael Smith, Beta Tester


The Complete Edition

The Complete Edition of the Guide includes all the Guide’s content and is designed to help you launch and market your own successful store from scratch, even if you don’t have a niche idea yet. The eCommerce training course includes all five modules of content:

  1. Business Incorporation
  2. Niche Selection
  3. Launching Your Store
  4. Marketing
  5. Store Optimization

If you don’t already have a store, the Complete Edition is the one you’ll want. It includes everything you’ll need to build a profitable store from the ground up.

For more details and to purchase, please see The Complete Edition of the Insider’s Guide.


The Store Owner’s Edition

The Store Owner’s Edition includes just the last two modules of the Complete Edition – the Marketing and Optimization modules – at a discounted price.

If you’re an existing store owner, you likely don’t need the information in the first three modules (picking a niche, launching your store, etc.). So I created the Store Owner’s Edition to offer you the option of just buying the Marketing and Optimization modules at a fair price.

For more details and to purchase, please see The Store Owner’s Edition of the Insider’s Guide.


Win a Copy of the Insider’s Guide

To celebrate the launch, I’ll be giving away copies of the Complete Edition of the Insider’s Guide to two lucky readers! To enter the contest, get acquainted with everything the Insider’s Guide has to offer and then let me know in the comments what aspect of the training would be most beneficial to you.

For Bonus Points: Let me know why you deserve to win. Have you sacrificed to make your business dreams a reality? Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps toward opening your own store or even have a storefront online! Whatever it is, let me know why you deserve to win.

Deadline: I’ll be selecting the winners on Monday, June 3, at 10:00 MST so make sure to get your entries in by then. Already purchased your copy? You can still enter! Leave your comment below, and I’ll refund your purchase price if you win.

And The Winners Are….

Thank you, everyone, who submitted an entry below!  It was extremely difficult to pick just two, but after significant deliberation the winners are:

Melanie Riddell – Despite being a full-time mother and working, Melanie has made large strides with her store, Sizzling Science, and is even manufacturing her own product.   Awesome work, Melanie!

Umayr Hussaini – Reading Umar’s comment, you get the sense he’s really put in some serious time to learning as much as possible about eCommerce, online business and even the technical side of things.  Not only that, but he’s showing this commitment at 19 years of age when few of his peers are investing in their own business education outside of school.  Well done, Umayr!

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners!

Andrew is the founder of eCommerceFuel and has been building eCommerce businesses ever since gleefully leaving the corporate world in 2008.  Join him and 1,000 vetted 6 and 7-figure store owners inside the eCommerceFuel Community.

Double Your eCommerce Business in the Next Year requesting the most effective growth and profitability strategies we've unearthed from 5+ years of studying successful stores.
  • Love your site and articles, helps challenge me to improve what I have started . I am a E-comm Junkie and need help to keep on track to improve! Its easy to become complacent and not challenge your self to improve your sites performance…keep up the good work

  • Andrew,
    I have been a member of since I came up with my idea for my e-commerce business. I left a job six months ago with a large sports organization to follow my dreams of being an entrepreneur and trying something new. I now have my e-commerce site up and running as well as a brick and mortar store. I am a 27 year old female who is trying to live the dream but needs help with optimization, conversions, Google Adwords etc. I know I would really benefit from your existing business book. Hopefully I will be your next success story!

    I am trying to fill a niche in the endurance sport nutrition scene so athletes can spend less time shopping around for their food and hydration needs and more time on training and racing. I hope you will consider me for your giveaway as I am in the crucial 6 months-1 year phase and I would like to see my hard work to continue to grow with your help.

    • Awesome story, Jaclyn! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on taking the plunge away from employment. I know it can be scary at times.

      Best of luck with Kick Start Endurance and with the content!

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for putting this out! I’ve just recently found your website and all the information you give is amazing. I’m currently in the process of creating my own e-commerce store and what would be most helpful for me is finding that niche market.

    Coming out of college, I was also working in the Finance industry and was feeling very unfulfilled. I’ve had a number of different jobs since then and really just want to be my own boss. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and set up a great life for my future family. I’m currently 26 and have not had true success in my career, I’m willing to do anything to get that.



    • Thanks for sharing, Will! Always a pleasure meeting other ex-finance guys. Best of luck as you’re pursuing your next steps, and in the contest as well.

  • Hey man,

    Great looking course! I wish you much success with it. I think for me,the most beneficial part would be the real world right in front of your face demonstration. It’s fine to read an ebook and all, but to have a total BOSS show you how it’s done, well, I think I could really benefit from that.

    As to “why me,” well, I’m busting my A$$ on the side hustle (yeah buddy!) and trying to pull myself out of the life that I let “happen” to me, and into the life that I WANT to live. I’m a special ed teacher for a high school, and I spend most of my free time working hard on side businesses in the evening, learning everything I can and trying to apply it. I’ve got a solid 50k in student debt (fail) and I am looking forward to paying that off and moving to a tropical paradise while I make some cash, offer people great products/services, and give back to others however I can.

    That’s my dream, man. Maybe your awesome course will help set me down a more concrete path.

    Thanks for listening to my sob story. I hope you pick me for the giveaway, because I sure as hell don’t have the up front cash to pay for something like this, but I just KNOW it would pay off big for me with all the hard work I will (and currently am) putting into this all.


    • Yeah buddy! Thanks for sharing, Sean, and I appreciate your being so honest. Sounds like you’re really hustling to make things happen in your spare time – well done. I also think it’s great you’re focused on getting your loans paid off quickly.

      Best of luck with your side hustles, as well as in the contest!

  • Hey Andrew – if this course as anywhere near as good as your blog posts, I’m sure that makes it one of the best on the market today. If you send me a copy I’ll shoot you some feedback, plus I’ll send everyone that emails me asking for this exact advice (how I started, how I do fulfillment, how to pick a niche, etc) directly over to your site. It’ll save me a lot of typing 🙂

    Not to mention I’ll probably pick up a tip or two from the store owner’s section! I’m interested to see how all the advice translates to a business like mine that manufactures and sells several of our own product lines, but still very much follows the 4HWW model.


    • Hey Bill! Good to see you commenting here on the blog, and thanks for sharing my stuff via Twitter. And I like your eCommerceFuel promotion move – very nicely played. 🙂

      Was checking out Element Brands yesterday, and it looks like you guys are doing some awesome stuff. I hope business is going well!

  • Hey Andrew,

    This course looks incredibly helpful and well thought out. I’ve recently started my own storefront on Shopify and business is starting to ramp up. So many questions come up once you’ve started that you would have never thought of. For example, right now we are doing research on fulfillment centres. At first, Shipwire seemed like the obvious choice. But after being on the phone all day, I’ve found some really great ‘less fancy’ fulfillment centres and I feel like I know that aspect of the business now.

    My next pain point is trying to figure out what type of corporation we should be, if any. Until now we have just been winging it but I think it’s time to get legitimate. Was doing research and making calls to figure out S Corp vs C Corp vs LLP etc.. What a gong show. Anyway, that would be the most useful aspect of the book for me.

    Why should I win the free copy? Well because I am *this* close to actually succeeding in my business. I’ve already taken action but could use some help to tighten it all up.


    • Congrats on getting your Shopify store live! Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you realize you don’t know until you have to make decisions? It’s insane. I may looking into a fulfillment center for my next venture, so it’s cool to hear your experience with that. Shipwire looks like a pretty impressive company, but there are lots of options – FBA, 3rd party guys, etc. I hope you find the perfect partner.

      Thanks for your submission, and best of luck!

      • Yeah for sure. Shipwire definitely *looks* the best but I found that some other smaller fulfillment companies are way more flexible and less expensive if you’re smaller. FBA looks like an awesome option except they deal exclusively with bar codes which is kind of a PITA if your manufacturer is unwilling to barcode them.

  • Well, I have had some eCommerce ventures and sweared to myself (not religous) that i won’t touch any shop anymore in my life. Most ventures where freelance job and setting up a shop CAN suck great times. Even more when you are not the owner but only some outsourced slave that has to make a living 🙂

    Why do I deserve winning? Don’t really know. Will get married in September in HK and saving some bucks will increase the helicopter-flight after lunch from the roof of the Peninsula (that place sucks, stay in the Mira, it is awesome!) another 15 minutes. OK, 7 minutes, will pay the difference out from my pocket, haha.

    What am I looking for? Someone kicking my ass. I paid way more for less in the past but got distracted. Think I am up to see the legal stuff in the full-edition. I am kind of a globalized kid (made that myself, my father ruined his back and liver in constructions and my mother still makes her living cleaning in an elementary school…). Moved from Germany to London, from there to Brazil and ended up in China years before the gold rush here began (glad me)! Still having my original citizenship, while living in Asia and thinking about starting a new venture (business clients suck – no offense – most of them suck) in the US I want to get as waterproof as possible! Not for taxation reasons but for building a business and not another fly by night operation.

    I really though why aren’t you publishing something but giving away everything for free on your blog?! Well done Sir! Your posts sold me and I read every email in your pre-launch.

    And better set up a payment plan. Not for me, I’ll be happy to pay once, but for other fellows as the price tag isn’t the lowest around. This ain’t not a physical product, so being screwed once or twice still sucks, but on the end of the day you haven’t lost that much…
    And set up an affiliate program! I doubt it isn’t covered in your video series, so include it also here. If you aren’t using affiliate software better get one and credit me for recommending it, haha. I doubt that the fishing community has friends that don’t fish. There ain’t nothing better then telling everybody that you got that awesome and inexpensive trailing motor while dropping the shops address with YOUR aff-link. Sweet sweet… Teach someone how to fish…

    Have a great one and count me in, just waiting for funds (just started a day job – more for social life, so most of my money is paid in RMB – cash for sure – which is not that convertible…).


    • Thanks of the wild backstrory, Sven!

      For now, I decided against using an affiliate program so that folks would know that any reviews they read of the course were legitimate and not biased by someone trying to make a buck on affiliate commission. I hate trying to research products only to find all the reviews are overly glowing and packed full of affiliate links. I may re-consider in the future, but that’s why I have done it yet. 🙂

      Congratulations on your engagement, and best of luck in the contest!

      • Hi Andrew,

        was kind of a wild ride indeed 🙂 Still glad escaping 9-5 age 20, haha.

        Same here. That makes sense! I am a a heavy purchase of “information products” (did webdesign and SEO for more then a decade and there is a need to stay up to date) and it makes me sick to see this “my buddy just released this awesome product” emails in my inbox only to see that they are not only endorsing a product but also left a testimonial… Same goes for “I got a review copy, but this totally unbiased” comments on sales threads. You should mention it in your sales copy. No kidding. I am reading your blog for a while and I know it that you aint no fly by night operation, but others might still be on the fence or just don’t know that your course is out there.
        Honors you indeed!

        Thanks! Got engaged 2.5 years ago and my Chinese might be stepmother doesn’t believe at all that we’ll really get married as we were telling her 明年 (that’s Chinese for next year) all the time we run into her (they are living 1.400km away from us) every year 😉 Glad me they already have a step sun and after hearing me saying next year since 5 years they got kind of used to it…

  • Hey Andrew,

    I’m determined to quit my job before the end of the year. So since April, I’ve sacrificed my social life and spent my week nights and weekdays working on my first ecommerce store. My store launched two weeks ago and I’d love to see the detailed videos of CPC ads and also Facebook and YouTube marketing.

    You’ve helped me build a store from nothing but this course would definitely take it to the next level. The next months for my first store will be dramatically different if i had the guidance and detail of your marketing strategies.

    Thanks again for everything, and looking forward to your marketing advice.
    Thanks again.

    • Congratulations on getting your store live! That is no small task, especially if you’re working the 9-to-5. Well done!

      I hope things are going well in these early days of the business, and best of luck in the contest.

  • Hey Andrew!

    I’m really excited about this course – and I will gladly pay for it, even if I don’t win a free copy! I’ve read almost all of your blog articles, and they’ve been a huge help.

    I’m really looking to build a BIG eCommerce company. I believe if you’re going to do something, the old adage “go big or go home” is my favorite motto! I’ll start small, and grow this business with scale in mind. I really want to change an industry and be a leader among my peers – and I get weird satisfaction from being the “underdog.” I’m really looking forward to the marketing & store optimization sections of the course because those will help me build a business with scale in mind. Yeah, I’ve been “burning the midnight oil” learning & reading everything I can.

    That said, I can’t wait to get started! Here we go…

    • Hey Patrick! A big thank you for picking up The Insider’s Guide! I hope you get a ton of value out of it.

      Love your mindset to go big right immediately. One thing with niche markets: sometimes you pick a niche that’s too small, so after 2-3 years you don’t have much more room to grow. Picking a business that has a lot of room to run is something I’ll be thinking about with my next venture, too.

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck! (And even though you purchased, you’re still in the contest…)

  • Hi,

    I am a full time developer. I have a lot of experience with OsCommerce, ZenCart and OpenCart.
    I know Andrew uses Magento which is more professional but also a lot more expensive.
    I have been reading your blog for a while because I want to start my own business and stop working for other people. I think it will be more profitable.
    I think the most important part is how to market your store because I have seen how owners struggle to get customers.

    The Setting Up a U.S. Business Overseas part is important for me because I live outside the US.

    • Hey Juan! And thank you for picking up the Guide as well!

      I think you’ll find the interview in Module 1 on Setting Up a U.S. Based Business Overseas really valuable. Also, the Marketing module is one of my favorites and has a lot of actionable tactics for getting customers to a site. If you follow the tactics outlined, you’ll definitely be able to generated traffic for your store.

      I hope you find the Guide incredibly useful!

  • Hey Andrew,

    I read your eBook and found the content really informational. Thanks for that!

    The company I worked for since I graduated from college in 2008 went out of business at the beginning of the year. I decided then that I never wanted to do the corporate hustle again (despite the large amount of student debt). I’ve been looking at different business ventures and really want to establish some income through eCommerce ASAP. Money is running low since I haven’t had a paycheck since January. The good thing is, I actually have the time and energy to get something up and running.

    I still a little unclear on a lot of the details and feel your new course would really help.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hey Thomas! Sorry to hear about the business going under, but sometimes those things can be a blessing in disguise. At least now you’ve got some time to dedicate to learning – sometimes that’s the most difficult thing to find.

      Thanks for entering the contest, and good luck!

  • Hi Andrew,
    I would so love to buy your program, my husband and I have had an online store for years that isn’t really doing much business. Unfortunatly I have been laid off and our finances are really tight now. I’m sure we could use some niche analysis and to add products to what we are already selling as well as learning how to market the site. I have enjoyed reading the free guide you wrote as well as looking at the videos and going to your sites as well. Thank you for the valuable information you have already provided me, I am still considering buying the complete insiders guide.

    • Completely understand, Allyson. Hope things take an up-turn with your store!

  • Web strategies for ecommerce would be an interesting topic, How do you promote the site and what channels work best for ecommerce sites to increase traffic and conversion?

  • Man this is an awesome course! It is far easier to follow what a real person is doing rather then buy a “ecommerce course” from a internet marketing company.

    So the why me aspect…After discovering the opportunity to make a full income online and live the “internet lifestyle”, my main focus was taking this path and not to do the old fashion life formula: mid school + college + MBA + do whatever job you hate for the rest of your life.

    But the internet is full of crappy info and people trying to get your money as quick as possible. At least here in Brazil theres lots of it =/ So after read lots of ways to make money online the idea to open an ecommerce doing dropshipping from China was an “why not” feeling. As here we have a brazilian “ebay” and I saw lots of people selling products from China, I asked my self that if there people making money on third part platform, what would be the outcome to have an niche ecommerce store?

    So I began to build my online store after lots of research, only with the which products I would sell. This was in April 2012 but the path to go on was a terrible one. I spent money that I couldn’t, payed for things that I could left for latter and tried to learn everything that I could but with the information overload and the addiction to only learn and not implement them, I only open the doors in January 2013 – took a long time and I know it could be faster than that.

    By now, 4 months later, I’ve just make 2 sales and have no clue about what to do to get traffic, target traffic to my website, because I don not have the money to spend in paid traffic.

    I tried to do business with site like Groupon and other companys with the same business model, but it was horrible because their profit margin was too high and I ended up have no profit. My hot shot was make the sales and no having negative outcome. I don’t know how I can marketing without spend too much money. If there’s a way to do it for less than $ 1K, let me now.

    So I need the help to take where I am now to where I wan to be. Have the freedom to do what I love, anywhere and being with my loved ones. I know its not impossible, there’s lot’s of people out there doing this, you Andrew are one of them, but I’m sure if I have the roadmap to follow, my journey would be less difficult and far faster.


    • Thanks for sharing your story, George!

      You asked if it’s possible to market for less than $1,000 – and it definitely is. Apart from the AdWords training, all the other marketing lessons are on non-paid tactics. In fact, I think non-paid tactics can be some of the most effective and have the highest ROI in the long-run if you do them correctly. But it takes time, being able to build relationships and knowing how to marketing your store properly.

      Best of luck with your store and the contest!

  • Andrew,
    This is my entry to possibly win a copy of the Complete Edition of the Insiders Guide.
    I currently have a business called JMJ Distribution, Inc. it is registered as a California corporation, I have my EIN number and Resellers license. I have tentatively planned to go into the high end and vintage women’s lingerie business. At this point is where I am lost on how to proceed. I am relatively new to your site and have just begun to learn but I believe the Insiders Guide will give me more of the step by step process from beginning to end to better help me understand it all.

    I don’t know that I deserve to win any more than so many others that could benefit from this material but here’s my story. I went into the military straight out of high school and spent 20 years as a paramedic in helicopter ambulance crews on both UH-1 Hueys and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. As a retirement gift to myself I planned on treating myself to a cruise of the Caribbean for maybe 2 weeks. Never happened. I was offered a job that started 3 days after my retirement and pretty much felt I had to take it. As the Operations Manager I spent the next 13 years helping the owner build the company from 3 million in sales to 21 million in sales and then had watch as the doors closed recently in bankruptcy because although they put up a good front, the owners had pissed away every dime over the last two years and those of us who had been there for so many years ended up out on our butts with nothing. Having just turned 54 earlier this week, I have over the last month since the doors closed that at my age it is really not easy at all to find employment so now I am at risk of loosing my home, my car and everything I’ve worked for since I was 16. I lost it all once years ago due to a divorce but luckily I still had a job at that time so I was able to rebuild my life, this time I don’t know. I have helped a lot of people in my life, everything from saving lives while in the military on Medvac missions to helping people learn the business I’ve been in since retiring from the military and watching them go on to be successful salespersons in the medical device industry. Unfortunately, it’s an industry for the younger folks. So now I am reaching out for some help so that this late in life I don’t lose everything and find myself having to depend on family who really can’t afford another mouth to feed. I know there are a lot of people out there who need this as much as I do and I thank you for your consideration.


    • Very sorry to hear about the tough times you’ve had recently, especially with the company you helped grow go under due to mismanagement. I can only imagine how hard that must have been after 13 years…

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in the contest, and I hope that regardless of what happens you’re able to get your business off-the-ground soon.

      Best of luck, Jeff!

  • I really must say this course will help me start my online ecommerce store the right way and to learn how to find legitimate supplies for I can start my dropshipping business.This course will be a very big help for me in so many ways I really look forward in search engine optimization sections and marketing and niche sections on this course.Ready to start a real business and tired of getting scammed by all the middlemen out there who say they are the real dropshippers and not.

    • I definitely do a thorough walk through on how to tell real wholesalers from “fake” middle men, so hopefully that is helpful…

      Good luck, Greg!

  • Andrew I know I said I couldn’t afford it as had other projects to complete and stuff to sort out it but I do think it’s good investment into my self-education. The discounted price is on until Next Wednesday right!

  • Super stoked for the marketing module. A couple years ago I spent a lot of time and money to mfg a product overseas. I setup an e-commerce site, outsourced my SEO and managed a #2 page rank only to fall completely off the map after the penguin update. By then cheap knock-offs had flooded the market and I was too far behind the 8 ball to recover. Looking forward to learning a lot that will help me avoid that mistake again!

    • Hey Nathan! Thanks for sharing.

      I’ve had sites hit with Penguin, too, so I know the feeling. Fortunately, I’ve also learned how to build and market sites the right way to minimize the chances of getting slapped with a Google penalty. It takes longer, but it’s by far the best long-term option, and really the only one to consider in the future. The marketing module provides a ton of step-by-step guides for how to do this, and I think you’d love it.

      Best of luck!

  • Hi, Andrew!
    I am completely new to this and I have been taking the research-everything-myself- route. It so far has been slow, tedious and at times, frustrating. However, I am excited about this! I especially look forward to the videos (I am more of a visual person) and the information on drop shipping (something my husband and I are talking about doing) and about the niche research. I find I am constantly second guessing my choice of a niche and wonder if the “angle” I am taking is enough to set it apart from an otherwise competitive area, or if I can market it to be sure I set it apart enough to make some money. I have a site and have been going through the motions of posting, writing articles on Ezines in the hope of developing backlinks somewhere, put up a landing page for an ebook I wrote and tied it into my website, added Twitter and am struggling with Facebook right now, etc, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to have access to this information from one place and the format sounds like something I could really learn from. If I ever do make some money, I will absolutely purchase this but at this time, can’t afford it. So, I am hoping to obtain what sounds like some great information in this giveaway. Either way, I am joining your blog and hope to learn more.


    • Hey Colleen! Thanks for sharing, and I completely understand about where you’re currently at – no problem. 🙂 One tip for marketing your site: instead of writing article on Ezines, try finding other sites in your niche and approaching them personally about a guest post or article. You’ll get much higher quality backlinks, as well as access to their audience that will likely be in your customer demographic. The benefit of Ezine articles – especially after you’ve posted your first one – is fairly minimal.

      The Insider’s Guide has a complete 5-part mini-series that talks about how to find guest posting opportunities, approach the site owners, write the content and make sure it gets published. But you can get started now by heading over to and doing a backlink analysis of some competitors to get some linking ideas.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Andrew,
    I just received your email about your eCommerce program and just took some time to go through the contents. Pretty awesome buddy. I’m actually on an action plan to get an ecommerce store up and running, almost finished the fist section, research, brainstorming etc. And must say after reading your free ebook, it was truly inspiring and definitely the path that is calling me. Your course looks extremely comprehensive in all modules and looks like a must have, and a great tool to have by ones side for the journey. You definitely show authority in your field, which is great for anyone looking for the real deal. Some of the Modules that really interest me are, Setting up from overseas, Marketing and keywords – which can totally be applied to any website ecommerce or not, Niche choice…well it all interests me and the fact that you have working videos with real world applications is INVALUABLE!!

    My business is in production, and it’s cool except it is extremely time intense, lots of delegation, working with lots of indecisive clients and generally most of the time frustrating. That’s why I’m on a path to change my life, and quickly.
    It was way more fun doing production as a, and want to invest this skill set into my eCommerce business or many should I say many online stores.

    Once some clients decide to pay their invoices (lol…oh yeah their is that too) this is certainly on the shopping cart. And once again thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and keeping it real.


    • Hey Jason! Great to hear from you and thanks for sharing. One thing I’ve always loved about eCommerce is that payments are all instant with credit cards, and I don’t have to go chasing people down to get them to pay. That sounds like a big headache, and I don’t envy you’re having to do that.

      Glad to hear The Guide would be so valuable to you, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in the giveaway! Best of luck as you’re working toward your new eCommerce future… 🙂

  • Hi Andrew, great job with the new program. You’re certainly living the dream and helping others to do so as well. I’d love a chance to win your Insider’s Guide. I’ve recently purchased an established domain which needs some improvement. The plan is to transition over from its current design to a Bigcommerce platform and your guide would certainly help me there! Also I’m currently operating outside the US, so your section on incorporating and running a US business from abroad would contain some valuable information I’m sure. So pick me!


    • Thanks David! Glad you like the looks of it, and good to hear the overseas U.S. incorporation content would be valuable.

      I hope the re-design and transition to Big Commerce goes smoothly for you, and best of luck in the contest!

  • Andrew, I have sacrificied too much previously to give up now. A lawn care business that dissolved because i lost a partner and a construction business to the economy. Working seven days a week for the better part of twenty years I continue to strive for the ability to provide above and beyond what my family could ever imagine.
    This past February I came across drop shipping. I instantly associated it with the seven years as a operations manager for a large brick and mortar retailer. I read more. Then i found ecommerce university- The Dropshipping guide- and i was hooked. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and i know it will take a lot of time and determination, but I truly believe I have what it would take to start my own online store.
    I then went on to more research including your Profitable ecommerce Guide, also reading your mini coarse last week. At the same time I have started to put some niche ideas to work. Doing keyword searches, researching social network advertising, researching organic traffic and SEO tools. Looking for a shopping cart and supplier.
    With the release of The insiders Guide to building an online store, I believe there is not one piece of this guide that i could do without. To be taught by someone who has had success & is willing to allow me to get a look into two of your own online stores is invaluble to me. I also believe marketing will be key and to be taught by someone who’s been there done that would be an incredible opportunity. Given this opportunity to receive this book and having the time to dedicate at least 40 hours a week over the next six months-well- i cant imagine where i might be in a year from now! Thank you.( and if I don’t win i will eventually find a way to buy it.)

    • Thanks for sharing Robert! Sounds like you’ve caught the eCommerce bug for sure. 🙂 Having 40 hours / week to dedicate to your store will be a huge advantage in getting your business up-and-running – it’s great you have so much time to dedicate to it.

      Best of luck, both with your store and the contest!

  • Andrew,

    Can’t thank you enough for the high quality content found here on ecommercefuel. It has already helped me tremendously with researching the right niche. I saw your posts on Tim Ferriss’ 4HWW blog and with your mentions on Shopify and Steve Chou’s blog it really seals the deal for me. To gain deeply detailed info on all the core topics of opening/running an ecommerce business, your course will be an invaluable resource!

    I’m on the cusp of baby-boomer/genXer and determined to build a successful ecommerce store. I’ve investigated a variety of niches using your tips, which have helped me weed out losers and avoid making bad decisions, highly increasing my chances for profitability from the start. My goal is to be open and profitable by 3rd quarter of 2013. I plan to chronicle & share my journey, especially to target the message for other “boomers/genXers”, letting them know the new economy can also be for us “old dogs” 😀

    Keep up the great work and congratulations on your well-deserved success with and

    All the best,

    Troy Corp

    • This is my favorite quote of the day: “…the new economy can also be for us “old dogs” – love it! Laughed out loud when I read it.

      Very glad you’ve enjoyed the content here on the blog, and that you see value in The Insider’s Guide. Please let me know how things go when you launch in Q3 – I’d love to hear where you’re at and how things are going. Best of luck!

      • Thanks Andrew, will keep you posted!

        Glad my bit of wit got you laughing – humor keeps life in perspective.



  • Hi Andrew
    In the last seven months I have been researching how to create an online web page, monetize it, how to make SEO optimization and many many other things. I read a lot I saw a lot and I think I know a lot. I have 2 websites but I must to admit that I have not earned until now. I watched your video for how to search for a keywords, and I think that is the most complete video what I’ve seen so far, so I guess you made other chapters of your training so good. I will be very grateful to have you training.
    Best Regards

    • Glad you found the training so useful! Thanks for your comment, and best of luck with your two sites and the giveaway.

  • I appreciate your blog and the clear way that you describe how you have built and changed your e-commerce stores, and why. The most useful part of the guide for me will be the Module 4 – Market your new store and Module 5 – Maximize Profits.
    I have made a decision to start an e-commerce store while on a break between contracts and have started researching. Now I just have to get doing and this could be just the guide to kick start me.

    • Thanks for sharing, Barbra, and glad to hear the marketing / optimization would be most useful. I think I love marketing most out of all the aspects of running an eCommerce business, and had a lot of fun putting that module together. It’s packed full of a ton of good stuff.

      Best of luck!

  • hello Andrew ,
    i started my store on my own with not so much info but soon i realize that i have to know every bit of the system for that was looking for a reliable and straight to the point exact guide to guide me from every aspect of building an online store . a one time investment with not so many empty promises . i think this might be the thing i was looking for . i know that soon ill be succeed .for me the that aspect will be more beneficial when illl get to know my lackness , you have done all of us a big favor. you has taken the “hype” out of ecommerce… have pulled all the pieces together in a way that makes sense. thanks

    • I take being told I take the “hype” out of eCommerce as a great compliment – thanks! Best of luck, Maliha!

  • The most useful part for me of this course would selecting a niche. I have built ecommerce web sites for others as well as set up AdWords Campaigns. What holds me back from starting my own ecommerce site is trying to determine what to sell and where to get it. I think if I could figure that part out, I’d be able to move forward. And why me? With a real first name of ‘Link”, shouldn’t I be able to figure out a way to capitalize on that in the Internet age? : )

    • Hey Link! Thanks for sharing. I think the brainstorming module would be especially helpful for you as it’s packed with thousands of magazines, business brokers, niche products being searched for in Google and more to help get you inspired and generate some ideas.

      Best of luck!

  • Hello,
    Congrats on releasing this course:) I found this blog from the interview that you did (great interview!!!!). I really
    enjoy reading and learning from your articles.

    I’m especially excited about the marketing and site optimization chapters. I’ve been working
    on getting my store up since January and am about 2 weeks away from launching, but I know I can really
    benefit from learning some of your marketing strategies.

    A little about why I’d like to win:
    I was a nurse for seven years and was feeling unfulfilled. Last year, I made
    the committment and have taken the plunge towards entrepreneurship. I
    been studying/working as a copywriter and have even made it to a few internet marketing
    events. Now, I’d like to use those skills to work for myself and be my own client.
    After doing tons of research, I’m now dedicated to building a successful ecommerce

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Malorie! Doing all the writing work for The Insider’s Guide – especially writing the sales page – gave me a newfound respect for copywriting. It’s hard work! But if you can write great copy, you’ll be able to drastically increase conversion rates on product pages – one of my skills that I still need to work on.

      Good luck with your new business and the contest!

  • I would especially love to find out how to automate the SEO process. It takes so much time to do all of the things that are necessary. Small businesses are generally lacking two things, time and money. To be able to have a “Cliff’s Notes” SEO would be great.

    • Hey Paul! Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, to build a viable business up you have to be willing to invest either time OR money, so there’s no way around that. But the three month of free SEOMoz Pro that comes with The Guide has some pretty awesome tools for automating SEO research and tasks. I’ve been a Pro member for years and their tools have been indispensable to my marketing efforts.

      Best of luck!

  • I have created several ecommerce websites and have had some success, but not nearly the success I am looking for. I believe your course can help to confirm or change what I am currently doing. One of my concerns that I feel your course could help me with is conversions. I am getting targeted traffic yet my conversion rates are in the tank. I feel I have a lot of things set-up correctly. I am just not getting enough visitors to pull out there credit cards and make the purchases I am looking to get. In addition to the other topics you cover I believe conversions could benefit me the most.