The 2015 eCommerceFuel Gift Guide

The 2015 eCommerceFuel Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Before you get all bah-humbug on us, we’ve eliminated the biggest holiday stressor for you (second to hosting your in-laws for dinner of course): your holiday shopping! We’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite gifts to give in our annual holiday gift guide. The best part? They’re all from stores owned by members of our private community.

For Your Friend That Is Always Late

Not everyone needs to know what time it is in Thailand or what moon phase we’re currently in. This watch from Analog Watch Co. for the guy or gal that needs to be on time and look good while getting there.

For The Tween Dream

The jewelry from Tiny Hands is good enough to eat. BUY IT HERE

The Stocking Stuffer for Your Four-Legged Family Member

Itchy coat? Joint problems? Ugh. Animals can be so high-maintenance. Put a stop to all their pet problems once and for all with Bonnie & Clyde’s Fish Oil supplement. BUY IT HERE

The Stocking Stuffer for Your Two-Legged Family Member

Itchy skin? Joint problems? Ugh. Humans can be so high-maintenance. Put a stop to all their people problems once and for all with Emu Bliss emu oil. BUY IT HERE

For The Family Chef

Know what’s missing from your favorite home cook’s kitchen? No, not another fruit cake. Early Wood Designs offers this handcrafted trio of saute, scraper and spreader. BUY IT HERE

For Your Commuting Buddy

A sleek solution for the dreaded laptop bag, this stylish alternative from Graceship will hold your MacBook and then some. BUY IT HERE

For The Littlest Reader You Know

Delight little ones with personalized books from Frecklebox so they can be the star of their own story. BUY IT HERE

For Mr. Or Mrs. Forgetful

Popov Leather makes a leather cover that protects your documentation of great ideas to grocery lists. BUY IT HERE
Field Notes

For Your High-Fashion, High-Heeled Wife

Tired of carrying your wife to the car after date night because her heels hurt? Save your back and her feet with a pair of shoes from Flat Out of Heels so she can stow these in her purse. BUY IT HERE

For Your Coworker That Works Out At The Gym But Keeps Candy At Her Desk

Get your daily dose of mushrooms – yes, mushrooms – in this hot chocolate drink from Four Sigma Foods. It’s packed with healthy herbs and nutrition so you can feel completely guilt-free. BUY IT HERE
Four Sigma Foods

For The Friend That Always Starts a Sentence With “Well Where I’m From…”

Celebrate where you live (or where you wish you lived) with these custom pillows from Gathered Nest. BUY IT HERE
Gathered Nest Designs

For The Guy With A Velcro Wallet

The manliest wallet you’ll ever encounter from Recycled Firefighter, made by hand using all military materials. BUY IT HERE
Recycled Firefighter

For The Frequent Flier

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and tune out the world. We get it. So slip these on from The Status Audio and enjoy that Miley Cyrus album without being judged. BUY IT HERE

For The Guy That Plows Your Driveway

The best gloves this side of the Arctic circle are from Garage Grown Gear. They’re waterproof, warm and branded with your recipients initials. BUY IT HERE
Garage Grown Gear

For Your Good Friend Who Likes to Hunt With You

And by “hunt with you” we mean he likes to sit next to you in this stand from Hunter Tree Stands while he yammers away and drinks Bud Heavy.
Hunter Tree Stands

For Your Teenage Daughter That Has Almost Everything

Oh, except for a pair of leopard roller skates from Roller Skate Nation. They are totally, BA.
Roller Skate Nation

For The Grillmaster

His holiday turkey is going to kill it this Christmas thanks to All Things BBQ.
All Things BBQ

For Your Family Member with the Lake House

So you can get an invite next summer and hopefully a paddle in this from Portable Kayaks.

For Your Sister Who Goes to Guatemala for a Weekend on a Whim

Only this time she’ll have a Minaal bag and actually be somewhat prepared.

For The Early Adopter in the Family

She waited in line to get the iPhone 6 and didn’t even THINK to grab a slick case like this one from Dodo Case to put it in.

For Your Social Media Obsessed Friend

Who will appreciate how good Artifact Uprising will make her Instagram photos look in print.
Artifact Uprising

For Your Handsome Bearded Husband

Who deserves a fancier alternative than Barbasol from the guys of West Coast Shaving, especially if its a cream named after a mythical hunter.
West Coast Shaving

For The Guy That Loves His Lifted Truck & Bow Season

Heck he wears blaze orange even when he’s out of the woods. This CB from Right Channel Radios needs to be on his rig.
Right Channel Radios

For Your Friend With the Lead Foot

Funny she hasn’t picked up on the fact that you always offer to drive. Track Decals will help you drop her a hint.

For A Tiny Fashionista

Some tots deserve a jacket from Baby Be Hip that’s cooler than what the grown ups are wearing.
Baby Be Hip

For Your Motorcycle Riding West Coast Brother

These Wooed by Wood shades will protect his peepers and make him look cool.
Wooed by Wood

For The College Sports Fan

Thank you College Logo Stuff, for reminding us that team logos should not exist solely on sweatshirts.
College Sports

For The Person That Dreams of Living on a Ranch

But will have to settle for bringing a little ranch from Rustic Artistry to their townhouse.

Rustic Artistry

For The Urban Beardsman

That knows manscaping isn’t just a ritual, it’s part of the Beard Brand lifestyle.

For A Real Man

Women love it when their fella fixes a leaky faucet or builds them a table made from wood he salvaged while hunting in the woods, but let’s be honest ladies. Ain’t nothing like watching a man cuddle a cat. Especially if he’s wearing this tee from I Heart Cats. BUY IT HERE

For A Retired Sailor

These backpacks from Cottage and Bungalow are as unique as the vessels they once sailed with waterproof linings that keep your wet fisherman bibs separate from your dress shirts. BUY IT HERE

For The Family Member That Avoids The Question “So What Is It That You Do Again?”

If you’re seen carrying this Nanuk 930 from Hard Cases around the airport, heads will turn. People will wonder if you’re with the NSA or the CIA. Women will flock to you. Men will nod at you. And no one has to know it’s just filled with a laptop and boxer briefs. BUY IT HERE
Hard Cases Canada

For The Paleo-Friendly Pal

Sriracha and bacon. What’s more American than that? Give your taste buds a one-two punch of epic proportions with this savory snack from Savage Jerky. You may never be able to eat gas station jerky again. BUY IT HERE
Srirach Bacon Jerky

For The Person That Has Everything…

Does not have Karma Kiss’ garden gnome in a motor boat. BUY IT HERE
Karma Kiss

For The Person That Even Has a Gnome in a Boat

Get them a card from Cards Direct. Let them know it was a tossup between socks and soap but that a personalized note from you won out. BUY IT HERE
Cards Direct

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