Brick and Mortar and Pop-Up Shops

The world of online retail and eCommerce is ever-evolving. Harley Finkelstein definitely has his thumb on the pulse of the industry. Harley is the CPO of Harley and the folks at Shopify believe that the future of retail commerce is everywhere, and that the consumers are going to dictate how and where they buy a product.

This week, we’re going to be talking about the past, present and future of eCommerce and brick and mortar retail shops. I’ve invited Harley on to the podcast to share his unique perspective on this changing climate.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Shopify has managed to grow exponentially in the last twelve months.
  • The challenges that they have faced throughout the expansion process.
  • Shopify’s outlook for the future of retail and how their most recent funding will achieve that.
  • Whether online retailers should be considering building an offline presence.
  • What Shopify has done to cultivate a superior culture of support.

What Was Mentioned

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