7 Simple Tips for Instagram eCommerce Success

7 Simple Tips for Instagram eCommerce Success

The biggest question for every eCommerce store owner is: How do I get seen? In the online market, visibility is everything. Unlike a physical shop with a set location, your eCommerce store is surrounded by thousands of others that are highly similar.

You constantly play a shuffling game on the expansive online market. One minute you’re here, the next – there’s a different store offering your customers the same services.

So, your ultimate goal is to gain as much visibility as possible. The more you pop up on a customer’s screen, the more likely you are to entice them to ‘enter’ your shop.

SEO is one form of increasing views; but what else can you do?

Here’s where social media marketing is king. And not just any old form of social media, we’re talking about one of the newest kids on the retail block – Instagram.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Instagram posts to your shop’s advantage.

Instagram Selling Tips

Since 2012, Instagram has grown over 115%. According to Statista, its revenue by the end of 2020 will be $6.8 billion.

Projected revenue of Instagram from 1st quarter 2017 to 4th quarter 2020

Projected revenue of Instagram

Source: statista.com

A study by the Pew Research Center shows that up to 63% of Instagram users access it daily.

This statistic further proves the benefits of using Instagram for your business. What’s more, the order value for Instagram is $65 compared to Facebook’s $55.

Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy, to improve the shopping experience and start reaching more clients.

1. Build a Consistent Brand Image

For many people, consistency equates to trust. Choose high-quality images and branding that represent your business. You need an appropriate color scheme and consistent visuals.

Add a CTA such as ‘Shop our feed’ to encourage buyers to take action online.

To get some ideas about what to post, you can browse your competitor’s pages. Use a search tool like Gramfind to find sellers in your industry.

gramfind fashion

Source: gramfind.com

If you’re new to the site, you can easily engage with people who follow your competition.

2. Create Beautiful and Inspirational Posts

Unlike other forms of social media, Instagram focuses solely on the use of images. This gives you the opportunity to insert text and pictures for catchy posts. You can use these images to increase Instagram account sales. They can also improve your customers’ online shopping experience.

You should consider creating an Instagram sales brand guide with the below steps:

  1. Sign up for Canva.
  2. Choose an appropriate image size, usually 800×800.
  3. Name the image as your Instagram image guide.
  4. Create your brand key where you list the fonts and colors.
  5. Pair your fonts using this great guide.
  6. Choose fonts for titles, subtitles, and the main body.

Once you have chosen the fonts, don’t diverge from them. The next step is to choose an Instagram color scheme:

  1. Install Colorzilla to analyze your website’s colors.
  2. Choose the colors you want to use and insert them into the brand guide.
  3. You can also explore other image creation apps, like Design Wizard, beFunky, or Snappa. They offer an easy way to display your products on the app.

To help you promote your products, eCommerceFuel is a great way to get Instagram media marketing advice. Access to an online community will help you use Instagram eCommerce to effectively promote your products.

3. Use Hashtags to Maximize Your Reach and Spread Your Brand

When creating posts, use a unique hashtag that resonates with your business. This makes for an easier shopping experience and improves the visibility of your products for Instagram users.

Using a popular hashtag can make your online posts more accessible. Your products could even end up topping app searches.

Add this to your bio, as shown by Topshop below with the hashtag #TopshopStyle.

Place hashtags in the caption or the first comment. This placing is important as it affects engagement and online reach.

4. Use an App to Track and Grow Your Account

It’s very useful to be able to automate your Instagram posts and analyze how your site is doing. There are several tools you can buy to help you gather this information.

A comprehensive app to use online is Agorapulse. It grants you access to multiple Instagram sites and manages your messaging. Get this app to monitor your pages and schedule content for products.

5. Use Unique Images

Images need to create an emotional connection with your brand. Share images that showcase your products as well as evoke feelings. This will make your brand memorable. Use images to tell a story and engage followers.

The four ways an image can help your followers is by:

  • Educating
  • Entertaining
  • Solving a problem
  • Motivating

Decide on the image style that fits the tone of your page.

Instagram images are 1080×1080 pixels so be sure to upload a high-quality image. Take images illuminated by natural light and keep them simple by using just one subject.

Another helpful trick is to use symmetry. These images appeal to viewers and are fairly simple to compose.

Many photographers use negative space and the rule-of-thirds. Divide the image into three and frame the subject in one of the sections along the edge.

The final touch is to use filters to enhance your pictures. Use the same few filters to ensure your whole feed looks uniform and balanced.

Another idea is to add text graphics with a similar font. Photos are the basis for Instagram so spend time nailing these graphics.

6. Run a UGC campaign

User-generated content is a marketing strategy driven by a brand’s customers. It encourages users to contribute and participate in a campaign.

The resulting content is trustworthy and authentic. It is based on customers’ real experiences with various products.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing tools. User-generated content campaigns create a positive brand among participants. The goal is to reach the maximum number of people and get people to share the content.

eCommerceFuel is a platform that will teach you how successful business owners conduct their UGC campaigns. With the largest community of 7-figure + store owners in the world, you will be certain to find professional advice.

There are 3 easy steps to creating a UGC. Check these out here:

1. Define Your Goals

Explore the purpose of your campaign. You could be after brand awareness or a new product launch.

Set a time limit for how long the campaign will run. Also, be sure to define the content you want. If it is text comments or images, outline these in the campaign instructions.

2. Determine What Your Audience Wants

A UGC will normally feature two types of audiences. These are namely content generators and content consumers.

Generators will be the drivers of the campaign and they may be familiar with your brand. You can encourage participation by offering discounts, free gifts, and social media shoutouts.

Content consumers are essentially the target market for this content. Use buyer personas to determine what kind of content they will engage with.

3. Work Out the Logistics of Launching Your Campaign

Plan the campaign based on a few metrics. These include the number of shares, the amount of reach, and the number of submissions. Set a timeline so you can stay on track.

Plan a promotion strategy and make a point to promote specifically targeted leads. If you plan on hosting a contest, set up a landing page and include the necessary details. These include:

  • A CTA for submitting entries
  • Deadlines for submission
  • What you expect users to share
  • Business contact details
  • Prize information
  • Judging criteria
  • Guidelines for submission

Encourage applicants to use your hashtag. This will also cover the legalities around giving you consent to use their images. This consent only applies on the same platform in which the images were shared.

You might require explicit content to use the images in other marketing methods for products. This will require a Terms of Use Policy. Simply ask for permission to use the content and direct them to your terms of service. Explain how to accept the terms, then credit and thank them.

7. Work With Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers can help your business in a number of ways. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increasing your number of followers
  • Generating posts that convert into sales
  • Strengthening your brand’s prestige
  • Raising brand awareness

Before choosing an influencer, do your research thoroughly. Check out their followers and engagement rate.

Confirm that they are active on Instagram and the type of content they will be creating. They can help you distribute Instagram ads and increase sales through the platform.

Agree on the form and amount of payment. Look at your budget and stay within your limits.

Get Started With an Instagram Account

So what’s the next step? Simply get a business Instagram account and begin making sales from the platform. You will be able to reach a much wider customer base, not being limited to views of your website.

This is a reliable way to boost your eCommerce business and reach your target audience. Remember to link the Instagram page to your website for ease of access.

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