How To Outrank The Competition During Your Next SEO Job Search

There’s a lot of ways you can get really good at SEO. Jeff Oxford, founder of 180 Marketing, started a baseball blog (even though he didn’t know anything about the sport). And Nick Eubanks, owner of From The Future, built his own personal brand ( before he ever even had an SEO client.

It’s crucial to put in the work and get your hands dirty if you want to excel in the world of SEO. We spoke to Jeff and Nick about how they got started in SEO, what steps they took to start their own SEO agencies and finally, what they look for when they’re hiring for top-level SEO talent.

Jeff and Nick are here to share their top secret tips to help you on your next SEO job search. Let’s dive, jump, soar, hop, skip, bound, vault, leap right in!

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How To Find an eCommerce Internship, Crush It & Then Get Hired

The good news for graduates and current students is that there are more resources than ever for finding an eCommerce internship. But with this multitude of job sites and internship opportunities comes a lot of questions for those just embarking on their eCommerce career.

Where do you find an internship? How do you make your resume impressive?  How do you stand out in the interview? What does an eCommerce intern do?

We’ll take you through every step in the process, from how to prep before you apply for an eCommerce internship, where to look, how to nail that interview and ways you can turn that first internship into a full-time job.

We’ve got questions for every one of your workplace worries answered.

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Becoming An eCommerce Marketing Manager: Job Description, Duties & Daily To Do’s

Brian Thron loves his job. It’s why he’s already been at the office for over an hour and it’s only 8 a.m. I ask Brian, the Marketing Manager for Yardbird, what he’s got on the docket today.

“I’m shooting out a few emails to some social influencers to get them product. We have a meeting with our PR agency today about a possible story about us. I’m fine tuning our Google Adwords. Checking budgets.

Are we on track? What can we tweak? Anything else that comes up, I’m always working on perfecting the site and site analytics. What are people clicking and what aren’t they clicking? How can we beef up the pages that people aren’t going to? Are we missing out on other opportunities and relinking to those items? I’m just doing as much as I can on the eCommerce side of things.”

All this before most people have even had breakfast. There’s a reason why eCommerce Marketing Manager job descriptions are so robust.

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7 Essential Steps to Crafting an eCommerce Resume Managers Will Drool Over

Selling products online is one thing. But selling yourself is a whole other feat. It’s why writing a solid eCommerce resume has so many prospective new hires in a total tizzy.

We’ve broken down the art of writing an eCommerce resume into seven easy steps. If you follow these, you’ll have a better chance of being seen and nabbing a new gig. You might impress your future boss so much, your resume might end up on display as the new gold standard.

Let’s dive in!

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No Bullsh*t Job Ads: Our Favorite Creative Job Description Examples

“We’re two introvert misfits who who hated working for other people enough to start our own business, all in service of the pipe dream that one day we could be left the hell alone all day, every day to make jokes about existentialism and cats.”

This is exactly what Matt Snow and Meredith Erin posted to job listing sites in the hope that they’d find an employee that was the right fit for their business.

One of the tricky parts of hiring is coming up with catchy job descriptions that will attract a great employee. A candidate on paper might look like a solid option, but in person not everyone turns out to be a great fit.

So how do you attract top talent? It all starts with the job post.

We spoke to eCommerce employers that were willing to share creative job description examples that worked for them. Here are some creative job posting ideas to steal right now.

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How To Get A Job in eCommerce That Even Bezos Would Be Jealous Of

You’ve probably heard the rumors. Working in eCommerce is pretty sweet. And we’re here to confirm that it’s completely true.

Whether you’re already working an entry level eCommerce job and looking to work your way up or you’re hoping to switch fields, we’ve got key examples on how to flaunt the skills you have to match the eCommerce job skills employers want.

Ready to find out how to get a job in eCommerce? Here’s how to promote your talents and get a seat in the interview room.

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The Best Jobs in eCommerce Today: Make Bank, Live Abroad and Be Fulfilled

Picture this. You’re on a sandy beach outside your rustic yet chic shack, your surfboard propped by the front door. You’ve just signed in to work from your hammock for a few hours before you plan to log off, catch a few waves and make fresh fish tacos for dinner. It’s a classic day in the life of an eCommerce employee.

Although there are definitely jobs that offer this type of lifestyle, the solopreneur fantasy isn’t the only dream gig. The best jobs in eCommerce depend on what perks you really want with your career. If a commute from your cabana isn’t a top priority, you might be more keen to find a career that will let you climb the ladder quickly. Or perhaps you want the ability to really flex your creative muscles. Or maybe you want the freedom to create your own schedule.

We’ve rounded up the best jobs in eCommerce to give you an idea of the top benefits, perks and professional opportunities that are out there.

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