Becoming An eCommerce Marketing Manager: Job Description, Duties & Daily To Do’s

Brian Thron loves his job. It’s why he’s already been at the office for over an hour and it’s only 8 a.m. I ask Brian, the Marketing Manager for Yardbird, what he’s got on the docket today.

“I’m shooting out a few emails to some social influencers to get them product. We have a meeting with our PR agency today about a possible story about us. I’m fine tuning our Google Adwords. Checking budgets.

Are we on track? What can we tweak? Anything else that comes up, I’m always working on perfecting the site and site analytics. What are people clicking and what aren’t they clicking? How can we beef up the pages that people aren’t going to? Are we missing out on other opportunities and relinking to those items? I’m just doing as much as I can on the eCommerce side of things.”

All this before most people have even had breakfast. There’s a reason why eCommerce Marketing Manager job descriptions are so robust.

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How To Write an Employee Handbook for a Small Business: Set Expectations, Outline Rules & Boost Morale

The dreaded employee handbook. It’s one thing to figure out how to write an employee handbook for a small business, but it’s another to try and guess how to make sure your employees will actually read it.

Although it’s a task that many business owners prefer not to take on, an employee handbook is crucial when it comes time to onboard a new employee. Handbooks provide guidelines for your business environment and act as a physical FAQ for employees to reference.

We’ve outlined what you should include in your handbook as a small business owner, along with some tips on making it read more like a magazine than a manual.

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