How to Hire Live Chat Agents Who Will Give Your Business an Edge

It’s impossible to shop online today without seeing that little “Chat With Us!” bubble in the bottom right. If you can hire live chat agents who give your customers an incredible experience, you can grow both your customer base and your brand reputation.

Take this exchange I had with a Shopify live chat agent:

I’m not sure if Jackson is still out there, but if he is, he needs a promotion stat.

While the best chat agents creatively solve problems and leave customers smiling, there’s more to it than that. Seven out of 10 Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provide superb customer service, an American Express study revealed. It’s yet another great reason to hire stellar live chat support.

We’re here to teach you how.

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How To Get A Job in eCommerce That Even Bezos Would Be Jealous Of

You’ve probably heard the rumors. Working in eCommerce is pretty sweet. And we’re here to confirm that it’s completely true.

Whether you’re already working an entry level eCommerce job and looking to work your way up or you’re hoping to switch fields, we’ve got key examples on how to flaunt the skills you have to match the eCommerce job skills employers want.

Ready to find out how to get a job in eCommerce? Here’s how to promote your talents and get a seat in the interview room.

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The Best Jobs in eCommerce Today: Make Bank, Live Abroad and Be Fulfilled

Picture this. You’re on a sandy beach outside your rustic yet chic shack, your surfboard propped by the front door. You’ve just signed in to work from your hammock for a few hours before you plan to log off, catch a few waves and make fresh fish tacos for dinner. It’s a classic day in the life of an eCommerce employee.

Although there are definitely jobs that offer this type of lifestyle, the solopreneur fantasy isn’t the only dream gig. The best jobs in eCommerce depend on what perks you really want with your career. If a commute from your cabana isn’t a top priority, you might be more keen to find a career that will let you climb the ladder quickly. Or perhaps you want the ability to really flex your creative muscles. Or maybe you want the freedom to create your own schedule.

We’ve rounded up the best jobs in eCommerce to give you an idea of the top benefits, perks and professional opportunities that are out there.

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