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PotomacBeads produces & sells jewelry-making supplies for premium home crafters & engages with customers using content & digital community.

Position Overview

Does this describe you?

  • You have incredible attention to detail
  • You want to be a part of growing a thriving business
  • You love solving issues
  • You enjoy creating standard operating procedures
  • You love numbers, analytics and data
  • You excel in operational and financial roles
  • You are a great communicator.  You can set goals with each team member and help them to accomplish them.If you are this person, PotomacBeads.com is hiring a rockstar COO/Integrator.

Are you this rockstar?  The Integrator roles ties together all operations, sales portions of the business to help move the company together towards goals.   As the company Integrator & COO, this role will meet directly with all department heads, plan rocks/goals, & serve as the communication link between departments and the CEO/Visionary.

We are looking for someone who has the BOTH financial skills & background operate the finance & HR department as well as operational experience to assist the COO.  Because the integrator position deals with every department, we are looking for a candidate with diverse skills.  The integrator runs weekly meetings, and keeps the company leadership team on track to accomplish company goals.

The Integrator’s planning and attention to detail helps to make the company vision a reality.


  • Gets the job done
  • Highly functional communicator that can solve problems
  • World-class attention to detail
  • Experience in managing the financial side of a complex business.
  • Flexible
  • Train & coach people.
  • Create SOPs
  • Ability to understand customer’s needs
  • Team building
  • Tackling issues

Core Values:

PotomacBeads aligns culture and success around these core values

Our people are hard workers. They can be efficient, multi-task, and prioritize different responsibilities throughout each day to accomplish amazing things.

Our people are passionate about the PotomacBeads brand, customers, and the community built around it. They are deeply invested in all aspects of their job and the processes that contribute to growth. They bring endless energy and creativity.

Our people are self-motivated. They can jump into new challenges as problem solvers, can work independently, and are constantly willing to learn. They are do-ers. Everyone embraces new technology and change.

Our people do what they say they are going to do. They are consistent, dependable, and can be relied upon. Each person strives for accuracy in every task.

Team Player:
Our people all humble members of the same team, and find ways to work together to accomplish more. People like spending time with our team members because they are respectful and fun. Each member is approachable and ultimately customer-focused, because those customers drive the entire brand.

A great candidate will also have at least 1 of the following…

  • Experience with implementing an ERP
  • Experience with Acquisitions & Due Diligence
  • Experience a variety of different software solutions for business problems
  • Experience leading people to accomplish goals

About PotomacBeads

We are an e-commerce company that develops a lifelong relationship with fans and customers through video & community.  Currently, many products are in the craft niche, with tutorials, 40,000+ products & subsciptions.  We are looking to acquire additional e-commerce businesses and grow our amazing staff & company culture.

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PDF file type recommended. Max. file size: 1 MB.

PDF file type recommended. Max. file size: 1 MB.