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Back in 2013 I interviewed Ed Hallen for the ECF Podcast. At the time, he had recently launched Klaviyo, a new tool for sending better email for your store. In just a mere 5 years Ed and the team have turned Klaviyo into an incredible company, one that’s grown 100x and has still managed to maintain a great reputation with independent store owners. If you want to work for a smart and growing eCommerce tech firm who hasn’t sold out I’d recommend them. -Andrew (Disclosure: Klaviyo has sponsored a number of ECF podcasts and events.)

Enterprise-level power at entrepreneurial speed.

Klaviyo helps growth-focused ecommerce brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Powerful segmentation, no spreadsheets required

Klaviyo makes it super simple to pull in data from your ecommerce platform, point-of-sale software, and other marketing tools. So the only limit to how you segment your audience is your own imagination. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and say hello to highly relevant, personalized marketing made easy.

Email autoresponders, pre-built & ready to go

Automated triggered email flows for welcome series, abandoned shopping carts and order follow ups are built directly into Klaviyo. All you need to do is activate them, sit back, and watch sales climb.

Report on sales, not just clicks

We know you’re not in business (just) to drive opens and clicks. Don’t worry, we got you. Unlike other platforms, Klaviyo’s reporting is based on actual transactions – so you can immediately see how much money you made and what your marketing ROI is.


Klaviyo is designed specifically to pull in data from all the tools you use to drive your ecommerce business. The best part? You don’t need an army of developers to set up our integrations.

Position Overview

Klaviyo is looking for a director to lead our support team. Our customers are highly driven and motivated entrepreneurs and marketers at high growth brands who want counterparts at Klaviyo comfortable talking about the nuances of our product and marketing strategy.
Every Klaviyo that joins our support team is taught and tested on our product, marketing strategies and our voice — it’s critical that we’re experts. We want to wow them from the first time they find out about us to the day they retire from their business — and everyone at Klaviyo is responsible for delivering that with our customer teams leading the charge.
Our support team today is primarily in Boston, working with customers around the world over email and web chat in primarily east coast business hours. We’re looking to expand internationally in 2019 to offer 24×7 support.
We’re looking for a driven, passionate leader to be the rallying voice of our customers on our support team and across the company. You should have experience dreaming up customer experiences and then delivering them at scale.
You’ll be responsible for recruiting, coaching and mentoring a fast growing team and work closely with engineers and product managers to build features to scale the “wow” experiences we dream up. We have an awesome opportunity to build a once in a generation company in Boston, we’re looking for someone who recognizes that and is excited and driven by the chance to play a leading role in that story.


Deliver an Exceptional Experience

  • Be a passionate voice for our customers by understanding their context, our product and their marketing strategies in detail.
  • Bring ideas, concerns and customer stories to the leadership team.
  • Define the “voice of Klaviyo” — how we talk to customers, our tone, the language we use and make sure we use it consistently. We’re smart, driven and folks who like to get stuff done.
  • Be metric driven and understand how NPS, CSAT, retention and other core metrics are trending and what is driving those trends.
  • Lead the team to be data driven as well.
  • Create unexpected, “wow” experiences for customers when they reach out to us and institutionalize them.
  • Lead, mentor and coach a team that grows 60-100% YoY to enjoy and love delivering an exceptional experience and has tremendous customer empathy.

Help Us Expand Internationally

  • We currently offer 9×5 and 4×2 support, but we have customers all over the world, especially Europe and the Pacific Rim. We’d like to expand to 24×7 support in the next 6-12 months by hiring remote Klaviyos and/or open offices in other parts of the world.

Knowledge Base and Academy Websites

  • Many of our customers and partners want to proactively learn about our product and the best strategies for building great customer experiences. We have two websites, help.klaviyo.com and academy.klaviyo.com, which our customers use frequently to learn on their own.
  • Create and execute a roadmap of content for both websites with our team of technical writers, video producer, engineers and designers. We believe these content sites are incredibly valuable for building our brand as well as customer happiness.
  • Measure traffic and engagement with both websites to create a roadmap of content and make it easier for our customers to learn on their own and Klaviyos to help customers find the content they need.

Work Closely with Engineers and Product Managers

  • Our support team works very closely with (and sits right next to) our engineering and product teams. We fix bugs in real-time and talk about potential feature requests quickly, often pulling product managers, product designers and engineers directly into conversations.
  • Curate a “top requests” list for the product team every month based on what you and the team believe would be most impactful for customers.
  • Work with engineers and the product team on escalations and important features and build a culture where our support team is comfortable talking to engineers and product managers directly — not relying on email and ticketing systems alone. We build the best product when we all get close to our customers and that includes engineers.

Recruit, Hire and Onboard

  • Model, plan, forecast and own the hiring pipeline with an emphasis on international and diverse candidates.
  • Write and own scorecards for every role and career path in support. Be responsible for 90% of hires achieving their scorecard outcomes by creating a thorough interview process that focuses on the skills we agree are necessary to achieve outcomes.
  • With our people operations team, create and execute an onboarding training program that efficiently gets Klaviyos trained on our core values, product, marketing strategies and how to communicate and work with customers using our voice.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience hiring, leading and scaling a customer facing team with 100%+ YoY growth rates. We’re 20+ today and planning on growing fast and internationally.
  • Passionate and obsessive about every detail of the customer experience including how we talk to and communicate with customers, how our customers consume information and learn and personalizing the experience based on the stage and skill level of different users.
  • Experience building, training and coaching a team as well as being the voice to build empathy across Klaviyo for our customers and their stories.
  • Have experience and extreme comfort with technologies support team often use. For us, these include Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira (or a project management system) and analytics tools — spreadsheets to more complex BI software.
  • Able to deliver an amazing amount of impactful work with standards most would consider unreasonably high.

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