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News Cart for June 19th
Shopify partners with Walmart, it's probably time to move on from Magento 1.x and if you like overlanding you should chat with Drew Sanocki.
6 minutes
News Cart for June 5th
This week in the podcast version I share some important thoughts I hope you'll listen to first here followed by this week's eCommerce and tech headlines below.
6 minutes
News Cart for May 22nd
What a week for eCommerce. From Shopify's massive virtual event announcing a slew of new features to Facebook rolling out Facebook Shops, and, of course, headlines from Amazon, we've got a lot to cover in today's ECF News Cart.
9 minutes
News Cart for May 8th
Who else is in disbelief that it’s already May? It’s really feeling like we’re in a bizarre, unfit-for-TV episode of The Twilight Zone these days.
9 minutes

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