How the Application Process Works

How the Application Process Works

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Step 1:  You Must Own/Run a 7-figure Store

We will occasionally make exceptions for impressive six-figure store owners or those with strong recommendations from current members, but do give strong preference to 7-figure applications.  The absolute minimum required for membership is $250K per year or a $21K per month run rate.

We’ll request revenue documentation if we’re not confident that your store meets this requirement so please ensure your business qualifies before applying.

Step 2:  Fill out Experience Questionnaire

We’re very serious about making sure the right people are inside the Community.  So we’ll be asking a series of 8-10 questions about your store, experience and unique skills to make sure you’re a good fit.  This takes 3-5 minutes.

Step 3:  Submit a Payment Method

Your first month as a member is complimentary. After that, membership is $49 per month.

We require a payment method when applying to ensure you’re serious about joining.  The only time you’ll be charged is if you remain a member past your complimentary month.

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