6 Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Your eCommerce Website Design

6 Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Your eCommerce Website Design

There are more than 20 million eCommerce stores in operation across the planet. So the e-entrepreneur has to think hard about how to stand out from the competition.

It’s no easy task to shine through a sea of competitive and established e-stores. But the first step is to provide a good user experience. A good online store should empower customers. They should have everything they need for a fruitful digital transaction. Because then they will become your best advocates and spread the word.

Today there are over 800,000 stores on Shopify alone. Among these businesses, there are some impressive online store examples offering high-quality shopping experiences. So it’s no surprise they enjoy monumental financial success.

Let’s take a keen look at six successful Shopify stores for reference. Each of these store examples should point to the key elements you should focus on to help you gain customer traction and success for your own eCommerce store.

The Sill

As soon as you get to The Sill’s homepage, you know exactly what you are getting into – indoor potted plants.

Still homepage

Source: thesill.com

The website colors are clean, airy, and absolutely refreshing. But this simple color choice is very deliberate. It calls back to nature and to their company ethos. In their own words, “plants make people happy.”

This Shopify store makes plant lovers especially happy. They take advantage of user attention by offering 10% off. But they do it in a way that is neither cluttered nor overbearing.

Still homepage

Source: thesill.com

The header menu is quite cleverly done for an online store. Notice the deliberate gap between “The” and “Sill”.This design element mirrors the place plants are most likely to be found in a home – the window sill.

It also directs the user’s eyes to the company’s interactive menu offerings. From left to right, the tabs are easily identifiable. As the user navigates the site, the separated logo words come together and the store products shine.

Still homepage

Source: thesill.com

The high-quality product photos at The Sill are also a standout. They instill delight, confidence, and curiosity in the buyer. If you need inspiration for a smart eCommerce site design, this is an excellent start.

Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood is a bespoke Brooklyn-based online store that deals in home textile design. Atwood’s goal is “to inspire unique, beautiful and imagined spaces”. The Shopify store site captures this with the use of white spacing. The textile imaging adds a layer of thoughtfulness.

The site transforms into an online store with navigation that is seamless on both mobile and desktop. This is key as almost 50% of consumers today shop more on mobile than in-store.

Like The Sill, Rebecca Atwood leverages the power of digital marketing. They give the user a strong incentive to join the online store’s newsletter list, using a pop up that appears shortly after the site homepage loads.

This is one Shopify store example that knows how to build an aspirational image in the user’s mind. They do this by using the brand backstory and cleverly showcasing their products. Buyers can see their products such as wallpaper in context.


Most importantly, the Rebecca Atwood Shopify store offers a click-to-buy option, streamlining the user experience. They don’t have to scroll back to the shop or navigate anywhere else to make the purchase.

Not Pot

As a Shopify store, you need to gain what’s called niche authority. You also need to deliver a product that erases all doubt about your expertise. Not Pot does exactly that.

This is one of those Shopify stores that straddles the fine line between engaging copywriting and creative site design with ease.

Not Pot homepage

Source: notpot.com


Not Pot understands that clients have may have reservations about trying new hemp gummies. So they back up the copywriting camaraderie with excellent product design.

They inspire confidence using verified buyer reviews. They also include adorable vegan CBD gummies fashioned into polar bears.

Not Pot homepage

Source: notpot.com

Aside from engaging graphics, note how easy this online store makes it to buy products. This is done with a simple and accessible shop button.

accessible shop button

Source: notpot.com

Another great feature from Not Pot is the newsletter CTA. Note the engaging design and company values. They give users a reason to feel like hemp is the only thing missing from their lives.

Not Pot homepage

Source: notpot.com



Like all of our successful Shopify store examples, Tessemae’s All Natural store sets the tone with a pop-up you can’t ignore. In exchange for signing up for their mailing list, you get a 15% OFF promo code sent to your email.

Tessamae’s would be among the best examples of Shopify product photography. They offer motivation to click the shop button with high-value offers, including keto meal plans and recipes to suit every dietary requirement. They also cater for customers’ financial preferences by offering weekly or monthly plans.

Tessamae’s featured recipes aim to represent exceptionally good value. And while browsing these recipes, customers see complementary recommended products. The slides and interactive drop-down menu tabs also make navigation around the Shopify store seamless and convenient.

They’ve found a way to beautifully showcase their products, achieving a sense of excitement without being overbearing. The easy Shop Now buttons also facilitate faster buying decisions.


Harnessing the power of social media, Tessemae’s publishes fan photos on the homepage,  creating a sense of community and extending the brand’s reach. It’s definitely among the top-ranked food-related Shopify stores.

WP Standard

An entrepreneur looking for examples of a niche store on Shopify should bookmark WP Standard. This online store makes a statement right on the landing page. The minimalist theme is a nod to the luxury items they sell. Everything is clean, dignified, and sophisticated.

The user immediately understands what products are available. There is no confusion on the value proposition.

Similar to Rebecca Atwood, WP Standard tells its brand story with a succinct charm. They draw in their audience through compelling video content.

Note the subtle use of white space and limited navigation buttons. The free space draws attention to the centered “Shop Now” button.


The point-of-sale experience their Shopify store provides is just as exemplary. They begin by highlighting each item in action, supported by high-quality photography.

WP Standard shows the product in context and offers color variants. The customer can even opt for a custom monogrammed add-on. There’s a clear product description, including the materials used and product dimensions. They also share customer reviews, reinforcing trust in their brand.

Frank Body

Frank Body is an online store dealing with cosmetics. It also ranks as one of the best Shopify stores that nail the brand look. And it has the eCommerce success to boot. The imagery, graphics, and copywriting are all beautifully done.

Their Shopify homepage draws the user in with its “regular everyday person” vibe. They create a delightful persona by using realistic models. The hesitant buyer is reassured by the suggestion of product reliability and relatability.

The first person copywriting builds much-needed rapport with potential customers. The signature pink color scheme transfers to their packaging, promoting brand retention and recognition throughout the buyer experience.


Frank Body ist among the best store examples that nail the digital marketing space. Each of the products on their shop page has a quirky but relevant hover effect, displaying a model photo to demonstrate its application.

This then clicks through to a well-executed sales page. Note the detailed product descriptions, social media plugin, and customer reviews. They also have a seamless checkout process and a display of related products.


Their creative Shopify store uses the ‘Click to Buy’ plugin that should be a staple for any eCommerce store. Simultaneously drawing from its Instagram feed and expanding a community feel, this is very important for today’s savvy online buyer.

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