The 2016 eCommerceFuel Holiday Gift Guide

For a third year in a row, we’re back with the ultimate holiday gift guide so you can shop right here from the wonderful stores that make up our eCommerceFuel community. We’ve got some great gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Gifts for New (or Soon-to-Be) Parents

Gifts for New ParentsAlthough really, the single best gift you can probably give them is a night of free babysitting.
1. An oh-so snuggly Long-Sleeve Romper from Kee-Ka. $28,
2. Handcrafted wooden baby spoon. $12,
3. A truly Smart Changing Pad. $249,
4. Beware the drop zone! The Big Deuce Diaper Bag and Changing Pad. $110,
5. A ride-on Wheely Bug to help babes get moving. $75,


Cool Gifts for Cool Kids

Gifts for Kids
They may think they want a Hatchimal, but not when they see a pink narwhal under the tree.
1. A more modern hot wheels in the form of a Kinderbike. $119,
2. A large stuffed pink narwhal, which is something every kid needs. $35,
3. Fitting for a life under the sea, or cuddled up on the couch. $60,
4. On second thought, this Pioneer model car might be more for Dad…$42,


7 Slick Gifts for the World Traveler

Gifts for World Travelers
A perfect assortment that can go from Fiji to Fort Worth with ease.
1. An all-seeing scuba mask for impromptu excursions. $80,
2. A journal for jotting down notes, chronicling adventures, etc. $16,
3. The Stablcam, the ultimate selfie stabilizer. $70,
4. A cool pair of kroakies so no one loses their shades. $45,
5. The ultimate carry-all leather duffel. $339,
6. An uber protective laptop cover in case you want to “check in” from vacation. $80,
7. Guaranteed shut-eye on every red-eye with this silk sleep mask. $45,

Five for the Gourmand

Gifts for Foodies

For those of us who love to cook. And eat. And drink.
1. Fill up those snuffers with a monthly world of whiskeys club membership. $250,
2. It’s called sponge candy and it’s definitely as good as it sounds. $23,
3. Three words: maple buffalo bacon. $8,
4. A bevy of treats from a different country at your door every month! From $15,
5. Caramels on a mission to sweeten the world in more ways than one. $40-$66,

Ideas for Sports Fans

Gifts for Sports Fans
For devotees with discerning tastes and a range of athletic capabilities.
1. Fight night! A pair of pro boxing gloves for hitting the gym or to wear while watching the match. $250,
2. Give the MVP of your Fantasy League something they can put on their mantle. $125,
3. Even if you don’t root for Bah-ston, you gotta respect the stadium. $25,
4. You’ll never hit another double bogey again with this driver. $200,

Gifts for Furry Family Members

Gifts for Furry Friends
They provide unconditional love, so you might as well throw them a bone.
1. A cozy new place for them to rest their paws. $80,
2. Okay so maybe not for them, but definitely how most of us feel post-election. From $14,
3. A scratch pad that looks nice enough to keep in the living room. $50,
4. A toy that looks tough, but is a true softie. $25,
5. Get outside and toss around a frisbee so you and Fido can get a post-turkey workout. $7,

Happy shopping, everyone! Thanks for shopping from our eCommerceFuel community!

If you run your own store, consider gifting yourself a little something this holiday season and join us in the eCommerceFuel private community. It’s a tight-knit, vetted group, for store owners with at least a quarter million dollars in annual sales. You can learn more and apply for membership right here.  

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