The New eCommerceFuel Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the eCommerceFuel podcast!  For someone who loves both eCommerce and the sound of my own voice, it’s a truly exciting day.

To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a copy of The Insider’s Guide and a 1-on-1 consulting session to one lucky listener (worth $899), but more on that in just a minute.

Each episode, I’ll be chatting with an eCommerce expert to bring you tips, tricks and wisdom for building your own successful store.  And while I’m dead-set on delivering actionable value, we’ll be having some fun as well.  Any guesses on how a rubber chicken made its way into episode #1?  

I’ll be releasing four episodes this week in celebration of the launch, with new episodes being released every Friday after that.  Here’s what you should do right now to sign up for your weekly dose of eCommerce goodness:

Subscribing in iTunes

To subscribe in iTunes, visit the eCommerceFuel podcast page and click on the blue “View in iTunes” button.  This will launch iTunes on your computer and bring up the podcast.  Click on the “Subscribe” button and you’re all set!

You can also also listen to the podcast via Stitcher Radio and Zune.



Review the Podcast and Win

I’ll be giving away a copy of The Insider’s Guide — my premium 70+ video training course — along with a personal consulting session to a listener who reviews the podcast in iTunes during the first week.

Here’s How to Win:  once you’ve listened to an episode or two, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” link on the eCommerceFuel podcast page in iTunes to leave a review.  Any review – good or bad – qualifies you to win.  Reviews must be submitted by August 6th at 10:00pm MST to be eligible, and I’ll announce the winner the following day here on the blog.

And the Winner Is …  Congratulations to iTunes user “Doc-Law Bob” for winning the review podcast!  Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t release contact information for reviewers so please contact me to claim your copy of The Insider’s Guide and the consulting session.  In the unlikely event I don’t hear from you in the next week, I’ll go ahead and award the prize to another reviewer.




If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe in iTunes now.  Thanks for listening!

Andrew is the founder of eCommerceFuel and has been building eCommerce businesses ever since gleefully leaving the corporate world in 2008.  Join him and 1,000 vetted 6 and 7-figure store owners inside the eCommerceFuel Community.

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  • Congrats on the new podcast Andrew! I’ll be tuning in each week. Also, can I be first to declare it has the funkiest jam and best podcast opening music out there. (With Terry Lin’s new radicals 90s throw back in a close second haha)
    Good luck with it !

    • Thanks, Jesse! Appreciated!

      I was trying to steer clear of the movie trailer announcer guy doing an intro, and wanted to keep it light. So I settled on funk!

  • Andrew,

    Big congrats on the podcast launch! When I heard you may be doing this I thought thumbs up. Good quality first few interviews, already listened and subscribed.

    Keep it up and cheers to great resources and insights in the eCommerce community!


    • Appreciated Mark, thanks! And really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review – that will help a ton.

  • Great podcasts thus far Andrew, thanks. I am looking forward to listen to more.
    I have a small store on Amazon, offering items not being promoted by other sellers – still the competition is stiff in the category. Products are dropshipped from manufacturer’s warehouses in the US and abroad. Still not sure if I will move towards a standalone online store.

    I also have blog,, which is a more of a information site. It’s already a PR5 site, but I need to find appropriate “products” to sell. So far it’s only been ads and some content revenues

    • Thanks Olafur! Looking forward to recording future episodes. 🙂

      And a PR 5 blog? Impressive! With the domain authority you have built-up, I think you’d likely be able to rank well for products if you transitioned that way. Best of luck!

  • An ecommerce podcast! Super excited for this!

    Thank you for continually adding value to the ecommerce world!

  • Hey Andrew!

    Congrats on the recent podcast launch Andrew! You’ll get a nice dose of your own voice a lot now! haha … You know I’m a BIG fan, and I’m excited to tune in each week. I was also greatly surprised at the shout out for our online business, Hammocks Paradise! You’re the best!

    To all who follow Andrew, I again reiterate what he said about me on the first episode. If you’re looking to launch a successful e-commerce business I highly recommend following Andrew’s advice he’s one of the best.

    Thanks again Andrew, and I wish you all the best on your new launch!

    Best Regards.

    • Thanks Daniel! And happy to do the shout-out. It’s been great watching your store go live. 🙂

      Good luck this Fall and please let me know how things continue to progress.

  • Hi Andrew,

    This blog is a great resource and full of useful info.

    I’ve launched two eCommerce stores but have had a large number of issues with suppliers who say they want drop shippers but just aren’t geared up for it. One of them couldn’t even confirm stock levels.

    I don’t know if this is a UK thing but there seems to be a real gap of solid suppliers that can supply enough product ranges to fill an eCommerce store and do it well with margin.

    Any ideas or advice would be most welcomed.

  • Hi Andrew
    Shame iTunes does not have native support for my Linux. I could try using the “wine” emulator, but apparently that route is not trouble free. Of course, I look forward to any future video posts on this site. I’m still a follower!
    Cheers, Ric

  • hi Andrew

    I like your idea, and congrats for making it happening!

    By the way, will you make these podcasts available as MP3 downloads on this site?

    I like how Pat Flynn for e.g. is doing with his own podcasting show…


    • Thanks John! And yep, all podcast episodes are available for download. Just look for the link that says “Download” below the audio player on each episode page and click “Save Link as” when you right click. Hope this helps!

  • Hey Andrew,

    Just listened to a couple of episodes – and I must say, it’s awesome. I’m not generally a big fan of podcasts, but that’s about to change…

    Really like the discussions – listening to a conversation is really a whole new dimension rather than just reading text. The interview with Steve was my favorite so far – both of you have really unique perspectives on ecommerce, him being someone who stocks and you being a dropship guy – it was fun and informative.

    The comedy is awesome, too. “So your little ones don’t get thirsty while your out” – that was GOLD, man. Haha!

    Keep it up, and cheers,


    • Thanks Shabbir! Yeah, it’s definitely a different medium than blogging – that’s for sure. 🙂

      Glad you’re enjoying the humor, too. Good to know someone didn’t think I was serious about feeding babies that way….

  • I just finished listening to the first 4 episodes. This is now my new favorite ecommerce related podcast, hands down. You do an awesome job of asking your guests the right questions, resulting in loads of practical and actually useful information. Lots of meat and potatoes here, which is awesome. Exellent work Andrew, keep ’em coming!

    • Appreciated Tom, thank you! I’ll do my best to keep cranking them out. Thanks for listening!

  • Great podcasts Andrew. Subscribed! I have a quick question about ep.2 in which you say it’s easy to change shopping carts. I can see it’s probably the case when switching between self hosted carts, but wouldn’t moving products from hosted to self hosted solutions be quite a bit of work? Thanks

    • Thanks for subscribing!

      Perhaps I used the term “easy” too loosely. 🙂 It’s not necessarily a walk in the park, but it’s possible. Personally, I usually manually move most products to make sure there are no problems. But some carts (both self-hosted and hosted) have plug-ins or services that can help automate the process.

      • 🙂
        No problem. I was just checking in case you knew something I didn’t!
        I asked because I like the idea of starting out with something like Shopify, mainly because I expect they will have better up-time. I currently pay for Bluehost hosting (I’ve been with them for close to a decade) but I’ve been experiencing more and more downtime recently, even after moving over to their ‘pro’ hosting account. I read that Google are starting to place more and more emphasis on load times and up-time too, so until I find a niche that can easily cover the $100 per month or so that many other hosts ask for, I guess going with an all-in solution first would be a good way forward. Thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂

  • Hi Andrew,
    Just started listening to your podcasts. The first one was great and can’t wait to listen to the others! Dave Huckaby must’ve been speaking directly to me when you asked for his one piece of advice, and he said “Just pull the trigger!” I am definitely letting indecision stall my progress (haven’t decided on whether to dropship, carry inventory or just put up an affiliate site.) What I should do is just settle on a few good product niches, and then take it from there…pull the trigger….stop analyzing and start doing. Thanks for the great content you provide your readers…so informative and helpful! Keep it up 🙂

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