Running Your Store Like an Investment Banker

Bill D’Alessandro is a former investment banker (sound familiar?) who has made the full-time transition into eCommerce. He found his niche almost by accident and now generates almost seven figures in revenue per year.

On this episode, he gets into his experience buying and selling eCommerce sites and the best way to work this into your strategy, even if you’ve never considered buying.


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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the different ways sellers describe multiples.
  • The major differences between big business sales and smaller eCommerce deals.
  • How to know if a business broker is right for you.
  • The surprising keys to getting a good eCommerce deal.
  • The biggest pitfalls to watch out for when buying a store.
  • Whether to buy or build your store.

What Was Mentioned

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Andrew is the founder of eCommerceFuel and has been building eCommerce businesses ever since gleefully leaving the corporate world in 2008.  Join him and 1,000 vetted 6 and 7-figure store owners inside the eCommerceFuel Community.

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  • Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for the 1st sale shout out today. I almost didn’t listen to this episode because I thought, oh, I’m not going to be buying any ecommerce businesses any time soon. Glad I changed my mind, not only because it wasiti a fun surprise to hear my name mentioned, but because the podcast was REALLY interesting. You asked the exact question I was thinking: how much difference between what the seller is asking and the buyer should offer. Bill was a great guest, explained concepts well that were totally new to me (including, so THAT’S what an investment banker does…!)
    Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Carole, and fun to give you a shout out! Best of luck with the business in the days ahead… 🙂

  • Excellent podcast Andrew. I thoroughly enjoyed the topic of choice in buying and selling eCommerce stores. Back before your podcasts I had personally asked your opinion on starting a business from scratch or acquiring an established business. Since then I have done both and it has been a very exhilarating yet enlightening journey. Thanks again for your advice!

    • Thanks Skyler, and glad to hear you’ve made such progress – that’s fantastic! Best of luck and thanks for listening. 🙂

  • This struck a chord with me as I left my Investment bank job in London around ten years ago, much due to the stupid hours I was working, plus my twin boys were born and I missed out on my daughters first two years. I figured if I’m going to work like this it may as well be for myself, from home and not for someone else. I wanted out of the rat race and into my own business. It took me a while before I woke up to ecommerce and set up my first store around four years ago. Recently I launched my latest store and have a couple more in the pipeline (it gets addictive!). Anyway Thanks to Andrew and others I’m making a living from ecommerce and long may it rain!

  • Interesting, thanks for sharing!

    A couple questions if you don’t mind. I couldn’t resist checking a little bit on KPElements and found that the last blog post is from Nov ’12, and that there is no real significant ranking in Goo gle.

    That lead me to wonder what is being done to get traffic?

    There isn’t much research for the name brand either, so I really wonder…

    Hope you can help me see more clearly!

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