eCommerceFuel Reviews

eCommerceFuel is the best money we spend all year.
Rachel Connors
I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how very much being part of eCommerceFuel has helped me. So much more than anything else that I have done. I pay attention to everyone and always learn new ways of thinking-- and I have not been shy to ask people for advice on occasion. You guys are doing terrific work and I am happy that I am able to take part in this. Thank you.
Kara Brook
Glad I joined ECF as this has been the best gold nugget to date which has also allowed a myriad of other key pieces of the puzzle in my business to build the foundations I need for several years to come.
Daniel Walker
eCommerceFuel is the FIRST and LAST place I check before making every major business decision.
Paul Jauregui
If you are in eCommerce and doing 7-figures or more and AREN'T in the eCommerceFuel private community, you are greatly missing out. Andrew Youderian has put together the greatest minds of eCommerce you could imagine.
Eric Bandholz
After migrating to Shopify we saw a significant drop in traffic. I posted the problem on the forums and within minutes we had dozens of knowledgeable suggestions which helped us fix the problem. eCommerceFuel saved us tens of thousands in potentially lost sales.
Brandon Eley
This is a community of doers, not wantrepreneurs. Everyone is vetted which makes for super impactful conversations – nothing else compares as far as quality of membership.
Bill D'Alessandro
The exclusive member discounts have already saved me thousands of dollars, and a thread about credit card points has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past few months. Every time I come in here and start digging around I always learn something new!
Roc Pilon
eCommerceFuel is the highest level of Community we have in the business……you won’t find a better group.
Ezra Firestone
A recent post in the forum led to me discussing past imports with my freight broker. We discovered that we used the wrong HTS code on a few shipments, the correct HTS code was included on the exemption list and we reclaimed ~$50k in tariffs (plus interest!).
Sam Huebner
I’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of members in the community.
Taylor Pearson
I chatted in the hallway with a member at ECF Live this January and his tips put at least $100k (post-tax aka real money) in my pocket this year already.
Peter Keller
The in-depth and relevant discussions inside are an incredible resource for more effectively growing my eCommerce businesses.
Andrew Egenes
I was about to sign on with a vendor that was going to be a $30k annual cost. I joined eCommerceFuel and quickly found another vendor who does the exact same thing for $1200/year. So ECF has already saved me a ton of money.
Elliot Kim
Seeing how issues have been solved by other store owners is invaluable. Everyone has been friendly and very open.
Katrina McKinnon
The quality level of the members I’ve encountered has been top-notch, I’ve learned a lot.
Steve Chou
I don’t know anywhere else I could connect so easily with other experienced eCommerce entrepreneurs. What I learned from just one thread is going to save us $5,000 this year alone.
Since I joined ECF I have moved the needle 8x annual cash flow and 3x my net worth. The intangible that I cannot measure though is happiness. I have been an entrepreneur for thirty years, but my happiness over the last seven years has greatly increased because I have friends who understand the solitary pursuit of growing a business. I finally have friends who appreciate and understand thinking about business an obscene amount of time!
Dana Jaunzemis
I marvel at all of the changes in my business since I joined ECF… sales are now 15 times higher, and now have a team of 30+ people. We are now manufacturing many of our products, and looking to buy more brands as we grow. There have been many failures and learning experiences as well. I credit so much of the positive change to the forums, masterminds, live events, meetups, and relationships that stem eCommerceFuel.
Nathan Buchman
We were tiny when I joined ECF, but we’ve grown about 10X since then. ECF has been my secret weapon! Maybe secret is the wrong word because I tell everyone about it, except my competitors
Zac Plansky
ECF is part of my daily ritual to make sure I am not missing anything in the world of business/eCommerce and my sanity check for apps and ideas. I love this place
William Davidson
Since joining ECF our sales are 10x higher and our staff is about 5x bigger. We went from relying mostly on marketplace sales to deriving nearly all of our sales from our website. We have a larger product catalog and brand following. We have developed expertise in email marketing, Facebook/Insta ads, and social media marketing. We’ve also gotten better at hiring and made a bunch of friends who have been invaluable both in terms of their advice and moral support.
Meredith Erin
I really can’t imagine what it would have been like to have been running my business these past years without this community. I can’t talk to my wife, staff, friends the way I can to a community of people who have the same unique perspective.
Will Johnston
The collective brain trust of eCommerceFuel is unrivaled. The vision, structure, and moderation is genius. Our business has grown and thrived as a result of joining and participating
Rex Bledsoe
The biggest benefit of eCommerceFuel to me has been getting to know and learning how to be more like so many of the people here. I would never have learned nor accomplished what I have without access to this community. I feel this for my future as well. The depth of life and business experience here continues to amaze me and return value to me.
Chris Boggs
The caliber of forum members is what makes it special. I only joined recently and I’ve already learned tactics to improve my eCommerce business.
Albie Attias
In a way, the community shows you what’s possible and that we can win and figure it out if we put the time in. Over the close to 2 years I’ve been here, I find myself spending more and more time on the forums and within the community. To the future!
Lance Robinson
For me, ECF creates this exhilarating feeling of being in the company of smarter folks who are so open to sharing their experience and wisdom. It’s an unfair advantage! The work still has to be put in and the chances still taken, and nothing is still guaranteed, but I just feel stronger and more confident knowing that I have a place to go when I hit a roadblock or if I need advice!
Sandip Sarwate
I am still in the first month at ECF, which means I paid $1 so far. We need to renew our customer service phone plan at Ringcentral in 1.5 months. I did a little bit of searching and found somebody who recommended we contacted them and seems we can save $5,000. Best investment ever.
Eric Yun
One post that really made us a ton of extra money was about the FedEx OneRate program. We got in really early and had awesome rates for more than a year. It gave us 2-day Amazon coverage across the country for like $7. Everything prime sees a strong boost to revenue, so the money we made and saved on shipping is too large to count
Casey Cutsail
One post reminded me to actively negotiate our parcel rates, which is producing a five-figure savings every year
Elliot Wong
I learned about a website speed expert from an ECF post. We hired him and he reduced our homepage load speed by 50%.
Eddie Brunet
I’m a brand new ECF member on my own at the Canton Fair, and yet somehow I feel like I’m on a trip with friends. I’ve met the most wonderful eCommerceFuel members connecting over coffee and dinner. Such a rare occurrence to find members who can help AND that I want to hang out with!
Benjamin Byrne
I discovered Zapier through a forum post and signed up right away. Zapier has been a complete game changer and saves me about an hour a day by automating daily repetitive tasks. Thank you!!
Ron Ohayon
ECF feels like a place defined by more than just dollars and cents, it’s defined by a spirit of comradery and goodwill.
Chris Rajki