About eCommerceFuel

Our mission at eCommerceFuel is to build the world’s best community for seven figure plus eCommerce merchants.  Our private community is made up of approximately 1,000 store owners and professionals who all meet experience requirements to ensure everyone has something valuable to contribute.

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Andrew Youderian | Founder

Andrew YouderianAfter a few years in the investment banking world, Andrew decided he’d had enough and quit to start his first eCommerce business.  He’s been at it full-time ever since and has subsequently started and sold numerous eCommerce stores which have collectively generated over $7 million in sales.  Andrew is particularly experienced with bootstrapping stores to seven figures, business exits, SEO and community building.

Padraic Ryan | Community Manager

Padraic RyanPadraic went to school for Architecture, but caught the eCommerce bug in 1996 when he built his first store.  He eventually left Architecture all together in 2003 to start an eCommerce development company which built over 500 sites for businesses all over the world.  Padraic has extensive experience in platform migrations, SEO, server management, PCI Compliance and front-end design/development.

Our Resident Experts

Adding their experience and advice to the community are numerous Experts, all of whom are deeply accomplished entrepreneurs, active community members and extremely knowledgeable about their given area of expertise.

Carson McComas | Shopify

Carson McComas I Shopify ExpertCarson is a certified Shopify Plus partner and has worked with Shopify since it was in beta. He is also the founder of Fuel Made, a high-end eCommerce strategy, design and development agency focused exclusively on helping eCommerce companies grow on the Shopify platform.

Eric Bandholz | Branding

Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand, men’s grooming company with products for beards, hair and bodies. Eric and his team were able to bootstrap Beardbrand to seven figures in sales in just two years. Through their mission focused communication strategy, Beardbrand has appeared on Shark Tank as well as having been covered by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many other national media outlets.

Miracle Wanzo | Facebook

Miracle Wanzo I Facebook ExpertMiracle opened Hip Undies many years ago and like many longtime eCommerce merchants, was negatively impacted by Google’s algorithm updates. To combat the loss of organic traffic, she delved into Facebook advertising. Miracle has become an established expert in the field, having spoken on the topic as a keynote speaker at multiple industry events. Miracle is Facebook Blueprint Certified and is also an official Facebook Marketing Partner.

David Bryant | Importing & China

David Bryant I ImportingDave has been importing from China for the past decade and previously lived and worked in Xiamen, China. He’s also a self-proclaimed Chinese culture nut with Chinese language skills sufficient to watch Peppa Pig with his young daughter. He has started multiple 7 figure brands over the years including OffroadingGear.com, which he currently operates, and Anchoring.com which he sold in 2016. He also runs the blog and podcast EcomCrew along with Mike Jackness.

Dana Jaunzemis | Buying & Selling Businesses

Dana Jaunzemis I Buying & SellingA lifelong entrepreneur, Dana started buying and selling businesses 25 years ago in a broad range of industries including construction recycling, music distribution and eCommerce. Her forte is acquiring small businesses whose sales have plateaued and reignite their growth by upgrading technology and delivering off-the-charts customer service. She is currently on her seventh purchased business and runs two businesses including HomeHealthTesting.com.

Josh Cary | Video & Photography

Josh Cary I Photos and VideoJosh is the eCommerce Director of All Things BBQ where he’s responsible for all the content planning across four barbecue brands. He’s leveraged his expertise in video and photography to help grow ATBBQ from $60,000 in revenue to being on track to generate over $5 million in just 3 years. When he’s not out grilling, you can find Josh lending his video expertise to members inside the eCommerceFuel Community.

Jason Feinberg | Crowdfunding

Jason Feinberg I CrowdfundingJason is the CEO and Creative Directory of FCTRY, a Brooklyn-based product design firm specializing in “creative mass production”. FCTRY has used Kickstarter to successfully launch three different products.  His most recent campaign was funded in less than one day, made it to the #1 most popular Kickstarter campaign spot within the first hour it launched and resulted in $250,000 from backers.

Lars Hundley | Amazon

Lars Hundley I Amazon ExpertLars Hundley is a 7-figure Amazon seller who has been selling on Amazon for more than five years. He primarily leverages Seller Central and operates as a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) seller, but also has experience selling directly to Amazon on Vendor Central.  Amazon currently generates almost half of his overall eCommerce sales. He once tried to sell a custom bobblehead on eBay, but no one bid on it and he gave up on that platform.

Aaron Rubin | Shipping

Aaron Rubin I ShippingAaron’s experience as both a seven-figure store owner and founder of ShipHero gives him the uncanny ability to know the in’s and out’s of a store owner’s warehousing needs. His mobile warehousing app, ShipHero, helps teams manage a warehouse from receiving, through inventory management, shipping and returns processing entirely in the cloud.

Scott Scharf | Accounting

Scott Scharf I Accounting ExpertScott Scharf is a co-founder of Catching Clouds, a company that provides outsourced cloud accounting services to eCommerce businesses.   Their goal is to make eCommerce businesses better.  For those who are not yet established enough for a full-fledged eCommerce accounting department, Catching Clouds also helps online sellers and their accountants understand eCommerce accounting through their Catching Clouds Academy YouTube channel and online eCommerce accounting courses.  They want to help all online sellers have detailed financials they can trust to make great business decisions.

Katrina McKinnon | Outsourcing

Katrina McKinnon is a leading eCommerce innovator with over 20 years’ experience building and operating high performing businesses. While establishing numerous successful eCommerce sites, Katrina has hired and coached global teams to make them profitable.  She’s also helped train and pair countless virtual staff with eCommerce companies at eCommerce.University.

Xiaohoui Wang | Email Marketing

X Wang I Email Marketing“X” (as he’s nicknamed among members) is the founder and Managing Director of Essence of Email, an email marketing agency that works with eCommerce brands to drive repeat sales. Since inception, he and his team has worked with over 220 brands to accelerate their email programs. A foodie and travel junkie, X loves exploring the culinary scene in all corners of the globe.

Jeremy Roberts | SaaS Tools & Integration

Jeremy Roberts I SaaS AppsAs CEO of cosmetics brand Mommy Makeup, Jeremy gets to manage SEM, SEO, UX, fulfillment, purchasing and a dozen other acronyms on a daily basis. He’s been on countless carts and has his hand in most SaaS app that the industry has to offer. In fact, he’s known to stress-test SaaS apps beyond reasonable expectations. If you’ve got an app that you’re confident is bug-free, let Jeremy give it a test drive to find out otherwise.

Jeff Oxford | SEO

jeff-oxfordJeff is the founder of 180 Marketing, an SEO company focused exclusively on ecommerce SEO. Over the past 10 years Jeff has worked on over 250 SEO campaigns for both small startups and large enterprise brands such as MasterCard, Belkin, and PolyCom. He was a speaker at the IRCE in Chicago and has contributed articles to Forbes, InternetRetailer.com, and other publications. He is also the founder and owner of link outreach tool LinkHunter.com.

Alan Marek | Magento

alanAlan owns a successful 7-figure eCommerce business on his own highly customized version of Magento. Throughout building his business he’s come to understand the various strengths, weaknesses and many idiosyncrasies of one of the most powerful – and complex – carts available. His deep knowledge of the platform has made him our Community’s go-to source for all things Magento.

Bill D’Alessandro | Team and Management

BillBill D’Alessandro is founder and CEO of Elements Brands, which acquires and scales consumer producers brands online. Bill has been selling online for over 10 years, and Elements Brands employs 40+ people in Charlotte, NC doing everything from pick/pack to Facebook ads to supply chain optimization. He is an expert in incentive systems and organizational design, and is building Elements Brands into a premier employer for digital and CPG talent.

David Couillard | Photography

David Couillard started freelancing as a graphic designer in early 2001. He quickly built a list of client for digital agency while dabbling in the early days of e-commerce.
His first big endeavor was Earth Rated Poop Bags which is now one of the largest poop bag brand in the world. At the same time, he grabbed HardCases.ca, and started drop-shipping military grade cases across North America. Nine years later, David still runs HardCases.ca, while consulting with e-commerce clients and teaching graphics, photography and video with EcomCrew.com.