News Cart for June 19th

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Facebook dominates e-commerce headlines with its new cryptocurrency, Libra, which aims to address much of the criticism faced by Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Similarly, upstart e-commerce platform Verishop takes on Amazon by trying to ease seller frustrations such as counterfeiting.

In other news, Walmart wants to stock your home fridge, FedEx cancels its express contract with Amazon, and Target hones same-day shipping.

But what will really get everyone yakking around the virtual water cooler is the news that Amazon Spark has died. (Well, that, and a Pakistani politician’s use of a cat filter during a live press conference.)

Find out what the heck Spark is (was), and read more about Libra in the ECF News Cart for June 19th. You can also listen to our news roundup on the podcast via iTunesStitcher or the ECF Blog.


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In the News:

Facebook Unveils Ambitious New Cryptocurrency, Libra

  • Libra to be directly backed by government currencies, so its value won’t fluctuate like Bitcoin
  • Will be run by the independent, Swiss-based nonprofit Libra Association
  • Government ID needed to buy Libra through a new digital wallet called Calibra
  • Reportedly available first on Messenger and WhatsApp  in mid-2020

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