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  • Members Willing to Help: Whether it’s answering questions or showing you their city ECF members are a generous bunch.
  • Searchable Member’s Directory: Search by location, skill set, niche and even software used to connect with the right members.
  • Deep Connections: Many members tell us they’ve made some of their deepest friendships inside the Community.
  • $10M+ Members Group:  We host a private sub-group and annual event for our largest members.

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  • Local and Regional Connections: Expand your local circle by joining meetups in one of 20 cities across the globe.
  • Built-In Conference Friends:  Connect with members at conference meetups at IRCE, Prosper, Canton Fair and other events.
  • Business + Adventure:  Join adventured themed trips to talk business while skiing, biking and other fun activities.

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  • Business-Changing Relationships: eCommerceFuel Live is three days of being pampered, adventuring, and learning exclusively for our members.
  • Not Your Average Conference: Ever been to a conference with a police-escorted parade, a private Jazz club concert, or a swamp tour? Then you haven’t been to eCommerceFuel Live.

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Some Feedback from Members

I cannot imagine a better growth opportunity than hanging out with this group of people at ECF Live. I’ve been 3 times and the experience has transformed me and my business.
Ciaran Vipond
I’ve been to all of the ECF Live events and they’ve easily paid for themselves. Last year I learned things from a talk regarding negotiating freight that will probably save me $80k - $100k annually. Every year I come home with things that improve my business, not to mention how valuable the personal relationships you’ll build are.
Brett Haney
Microfiber Wholesale
ECF Live is the event I look forward to all year and the times I have attended in the past have truly changed my life because of the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned. We have an incredible group of people here, one that I consider myself fortunate and proud to be a part of.
Chris Boggs
My favorite conference over the last 5 years. I have been to three of them and come back super stoked and ready to grow my business. If you have a chance GO!!
Danny Rhodehamel

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