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I was about to sign on with a vendor that was going to be a $30k annual cost. I joined eCommerceFuel and quickly found another vendor who does the exact same thing for $1200/year. So ECF has already saved me a ton of money.
Elliot Kim
I am still in the first month at ECF, which means I paid $1 so far. We need to renew our customer service phone plan at Ringcentral in 1.5 months. I did a little bit of searching and found somebody who recommended phone.com. we contacted them and seems we can save $5,000. Best investment ever.
Eric Yun
The exclusive member discounts have already saved me thousands of dollars, and a thread about credit card points has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past few months. Every time I come in here and start digging around I always learn something new!
Roc Pilon
I discovered Zapier through a forum post and signed up right away. Zapier has been a complete game changer and saves me about an hour a day by automating daily repetitive tasks. Thank you!!
Ron Ohayon

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