What Exactly is eCommerceFuel?

Andrew here, founder of eCommerceFuel.  Thanks for checking us out! You’re probably wondering what this whole eCommerceFuel thing is. Are we:

An expensive yet wildly ineffective growth agency?

A $25,000 / year secret mastermind that requires a kidney donation to join?

A company selling flame-powered shopping carts for backwoods racing events?

No, no, and no.

(Although that last idea sounds like a pretty fun way to spend a weekend.)

Our mission is simple:  Build the world’s best Community for eCommerce store owners that helps them grow their business while building deep relationships. 

How do we make this magic happen?  By offering insightful content, a private online community, and capital to 7-figure+ store owners.

Content – Podcast and Industry Intelligence

Since 2013 we’ve been recording The eCommerceFuel Podcast, a weekly show helping store owners build amazing businesses and incredible lives.  Hosted by Andrew Youderian the podcast has produced nearly 400 episodes which have been listened to over 3 million times.

If you’re a podcast junkie, store owner, and don’t take yourself too seriously, you should absolutely tune in here.

We also publish an annual eCommerce Trends report that dives deep into what’s happening in our world.  From sales growth to Amazon adoption, margins to store owner demographics, it’s a treasure trove of 7- and 8-figure seller industry data.

Community – Our Private Forum for 7-Figure+ Owners

Our team, myself included, is made up of long-time eCommerce entrepreneurs who got sick of having no one who understood what we did (or to commiserate with) when the going got hard.

We longed for a Community of peers and friends who understood conversion rates, chargebacks, and high-maintenance customers who suck up 60 minutes of your day on the phone for a $15 sale.

That community didn’t exist, so we decided to build it.

It’s grown slowly and steadily to over 1,000 members and is now the largest Community on the planet for 7- and 8-figure eCommerce store owners.

So what makes us different from the eCommerce sub-Reddit or the dozens of other eCommerce forums, memberships, masterminds, etc out there?

Two things:  we obsess over only allowing members who are experienced and good, solid people.

We vet everyone to ensure they’re running a meaningfully sized 7- or 8- figure business.  We love you, gentle newbies, but our space is dedicated to helping experienced store owners connect with and learn from each other.

What do we mean by a “good, solid person?” We ensure everyone is honest, respectful, and (very often) extremely fun to be around.

If you’re a schmuck who trolls people, is demeaning, or is constantly asking for help without contributing anything back, we’ll toss you out and thoroughly enjoy the process.

(But I’m guessing that’s not you. You seem much more level-headed and reasonable).

Over the years, it’s become a true Community of entrepreneurial peers and friends who are invested in each other’s lives and success.

If that sounds appealing, you can learn more about the Community – including how to apply – right here.

Capital – Expertise and Growth Funding for Promising Stores

The last way we help merchants grow is through eCommerceFuel Capital. Our investment arm pairs up promising businesses with world-class mentors and the capital they need to meaningfully grow.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Hmmm….  You don’t quite sound like the type of team I’d expect to be running an investment fund with all this jovial talk of flame-powered shopping carts and kidney donations…..”

…and you’d be 100% right.

As Managing Partner of eCommerceFuel Capital, I quit the world of finance and investment banking to start an eCommerce business selling CB radios, completely traumatizing my mother in the process.

Not exactly a classic Wolf of Wall Street career path.  But that business grew to 7-figures and is how I cut my teeth in the eCommerce world.

So, yes, we’re very different from traditional investors in a way that lets us understand the needs of merchants like few others can.  In addition to a deep financial background, we’ve actually owned eCommerce stores so we can empathize and understand the challenges that come with the territory.

Plus, unlike other investment funds, we’ve assembled a “Who’s Who” of eCommerce superstars boasting over 100+ collective years of in-the-trenches experience to help our portfolio companies grow.

So if you’re looking for a group of non-stodgy investors who get eCommerce and can help you grow we should chat.


We covered a lot of ground above and you survived a number of my terrible jokes. You’ve obviously got grit. The next thing you should do is let us help you…

Double Your Business In the Next Year

(Even While eCommerce is Getting More Competitive)

If you own a store, you know eCommerce is changing faster than ever before.

Five to 10 years ago you could slap up a basic store, source some products, build a few links, and as long as you weren’t berating customers on the phone (“You’re still using Internet Explorer 6.0?  No wonder the checkout isn’t working, idiot!”) you had a business on your hands.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

Fast forward to today and you face the multi-headed dragon of Amazon, ever-declining ROAS from Google and Facebook and the most complex legal and regulatory environment to ever have to sell in. (FBA nexus, anyone?!)

We haven’t even talked about product. These days, having your own proprietary designs is table stakes for many niches and comes with another set of challenges: design, inventory, importing, and more.

There’s a lot to consider.

Lucky for you,  I know 1,000+ savvy, experienced entrepreneurs who might be able to help:  the members of our private community for 7-figure+ sellers. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s the most active community for in-the-trenches sellers on the planet.

Recently, I’ve spent an unholy amount of time going through the thousands of case studies, stories, and lessons our members have shared in our Community.

It’s these aggregated insights, along with thoughts from my 12+ year eCommerce career, that form the foundation of this incredibly impactful training.

You’ll learn:

  • The most powerful lever you have to grow your business rapidly, sometimes by as much as 40% in just a few weeks.  I’ve personally used it with success multiple times.  (Lesson 2)
  • Why you don’t need Amazon to succeed and grow.  In fact, I’ll share the story of how one seller saw sales double when they left the platform (and its myriad problems) behind. (Lesson 3)
  • How to protect yourself from incessantly increasing advertising costs on Google and Facebook by building secure sources of traffic that you own and control (Lesson 4)
  • The 2-3 absolutely critical things to obsess over when dealing with the hardest part of business:  hiring smart, hard-working people you don’t need to babysit. (Lesson 7)
  • The time-tested formula that my friend, a veteran Hollywood screenwriter, uses to create insanely compelling stories to help you sell more product (Lesson 6)

Sound interesting?   Here’s how to get this training for yourself.

Simply send $2,995 in bitcoin to the private key address:  ‘4d#5542swer7vffrdS%e33d’ and within 24 hours I’ll reach out to confirm your mailing address.  You’ll need to sign an NDA confirming that…….

I’m kidding.

The entire training is free.

To get started on your path to doubling while tapping into the collective knowledge of 1,000+ savvy store owners, enter your email address below.

Look forward to watching your business double this year!

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