Ep #41: A Success Story of an “Undercover” e-Entrepreneur with Jeff from SoloStove.com


Starting a successful online business while still working your nine-to-five is a path that many e-entrepreneurs are on, but only few succeed.  Jeff of SoloStove.com is one of those successful “undercover” e-store owners. Over the past few years, he has built a beautiful lucrative online business while working a full time corporate job during the […]

Ep #40: Reviving Struggling eCommerce Businesses with Dana Jaunzemis of HomeHealthTesting.com


Buying struggling businesses and turning them into successful, thriving businesses is a rare talent coveted by many business people. Dana Jaunzemis of HomeHealthTesting.com and 44Ideas.net is one of the best in the field. Dana has mastered the skills necessary for success, quadrupling the net profit of her main business, while creating great success with others. In this […]

Ep #39: Six Strategies for Networking the Right Way with Billy Murphy from ForeverJobless.com

Networking properly is the cornerstone for creating long lasting business relationships. Billy Murphy from ForeverJobless.com is a well-connected guy, and he’s always impressed me with his ability to meet and engage with people. Most of all, he always does it in a way that  feels natural, and it never comes across as slimy or contrived. […]

Ep #38: Creating and Developing a Killer Content Creation Team with Gretchen Roberts of GretchenRoberts.net

Gretchen Roberts

Creating dynamite content and product descriptions is one of the key strategies to carving out your own place in the marketplace. Gretchen Roberts of GretchenRoberts.net is a veritable wealth of information on content generation for eCommerce businesses. Gretchen has worked for a number of national magazines, and she has managed a team of 10 + people responsible […]

Ep #37: Managing Remote Employees with Danny Robertson of New Industries Group


Working in the modern eCommerce climate has really thrown some of the traditional employment methods out of the window. Danny Robertson of New Industries Group knows all about working across borders. Danny has built up a number of businesses over the years, managing multiple eCommerce websites at a time with a team of employees that all worked […]

Ep #36: The Evolution of Online and Offline Retail with Harley Finkelstein of Shopify


The world of online retail and eCommerce is ever-evolving. Harley Finkelstein definitely has his thumb on the pulse of the industry. Harley is the CPO of Shopify.com. Harley and the folks at Shopify believe that the future of retail commerce is everywhere, and that the consumers are going to dictate how and where they buy a product. […]

Ep #35: A Buyer’s Perspective on Purchasing an eCommerce Store with Clayton Chrisman

Buying a business can be pretty intimidating. Clayton Chrisman knows this all too well. Clayton is the new owner of TrollingMotors.net. Clayton had been working in technology in a sales and operating capacity for the majority of his career, but recently decided to jump into the world of eCommerce by acquiring my former online store. This week, […]

Ep #34: A Broker’s Perspective on Selling an eCommerce Store with Thomas Smale


The sale of a business can be a fickle mistress. Thomas Smale of FE International is a business broker who knows this all too well. He specializes in selling high ticket online property stores, as well as other properties. Thomas offered some extremely valuable advice to me during the process of selling TrollingMotors.net. On this week’s […]

Ep #33: Crafting and Perfecting a Great Consumer Brand with Andy Dunn of Bonobos

Andy Dunn

In the world of eCommerce, Andy Dunn of Bonobos.com is truly a man who needs no introduction. He believes in the art of creating and establishing a stellar brand, by focusing on doing one thing perfectly, and using outstanding customer service as the backbone of their consumer experience. On this week’s very special episode of […]

Ep #32: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Video Content Marketing with Rob Snell

Rob Snell sized

Rob Snell of GunDogSupply.com and Yahoo! Stores for Dummies has been involved in his retail marketing since his parents started their business in 1972. He was able to successfully transition their retail presence into an eCommerce juggernaut and his site has been used as a case study on how to resale existing products incredibly well […]