Ep #54: Building the World’s First Self-Learning eCommerce Platform with Josh Caba of CortexCommerce.com

Josh Caba

A majority of eCommerce owners have been led to believe that self-learning platforms are only available to those whose revenue is in the millions. While it is true that self-learning platforms are generally more expensive than typical platforms, they more than make up for their cost by dramatically increasing sales. Self-learning platforms have the ability […]

Ep #53: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, Tips for Hiring in an eCommerce Start-up with Bill D’Alessandro of RebelCEO.com


eCommerce guru, Bill D’Alessandro is back on the show this week to join me in a review of hiring our first employees. We discuss everything from what we did right, where we were able to mix it up, and what we completely missed the mark on. We also take some time to catch up on […]

Ep #52: Tips for A/B Testing in the Real World with Ezra Firestone of SmartMarketer.com

Ezra Firetone

Ezra Firestone is back for another round this week with 5 tips for A/B testing eCommerce stores. We discuss everything from why you should perform testing on your site to what you should be looking for when setting up a test. You can also see the introduction video that my sales manager and I did […]

Ep #51: Building Customer Awareness with Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot

Sam Mallikarjunan

As eCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping method of choice for consumers, there is more competition than ever for driving traffic. The cost of being able to target consumers who are ready to buy is creeping higher and higher. But what about the often overlooked consumers who are not yet considered a good lead? By […]

Ep #50: Where Should You Be Investing Your Money?

On my landmark 50th episode, I am flying solo. I am discussing where you should be looking to invest your money as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs want to invest in their future,  but don’t know where to start. I show you how I allocate my financial resources across my businesses, personal investments, and other […]

EP #49: Bold eCommerce Predictions with Drew Sanocki of DesignPublic.com

Drew Sanocki, a 3-time show regular, is back  to have an open discussion about where we believe the world of eCommerce is headed. Drew has been involved in eCommerce since 2003 when he created his company, DesignPublic.com. Since then, he has created and ran several companies including Mineral.io and Empire Growth Group. This week, based on our prior experience, […]

EP #48: Driving Traffic Using Pinterest with Nate Ginsburg of BoardsforBusiness.com

Nate Ginsberg

Most ecommerce owners believe two things about Pinterest: that it is extremely difficult to see any real significant traffic and revenue, and that Pinterest is all about pretty pictures and fashion. While it is true that Pinterest is aesthetically focused, being that 80-90% of the users are women, it is also extremely content driven. In addition, when […]

EP #47: Exploring The Largest Trade Show in Asia – The Canton Fair with Austin Brawner of eCommerceInfluence.com

Austin Brawner

This week, we welcome Austin Brawner to the show to talk about his amazing experience past April at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. This fair, also called The China Import and Export Fair, happens twice a year in April and October, and is THE place to be if you are looking for goods to export. From […]

EP #46: Structuring Your Business, Team and Outsourcing with Ezra Firestone of SmartMarketer.com

Ezra Firetone

  Ezra Firestone is back on the show this week with a behind-the-scenes look at his life and business. We discuss all about the differences in how he staffs versus outsources with his companies Boom by Cindy Joseph and SmartMarketer.com. We also find out why he eats a worm on his Mastermind video call! On this week’s episode, Ezra explains […]

EP #45: Launching an eCommerce Business in 30 Days with Morgen Newman of MixedMade.com

Morgen Newman

Morgen Newman began his foray into the world of entrepreneurship as the Co-Founder of IdeaPaint in 2007. He established distribution in more than 20 countries and was heavily involved in the business plan, strategy, and successful launch of IdeaPaint in 2008. The story of Morgen’s next business venture veers off the typical start-up path as Morgen comes […]