5 Reasons to Ignore Your Average Conversion Rate

Noise in eCommerce Conversion Rates

The conversion rate.  If you’re anything like me, it’s the single most important metric you look at next to revenue when checking analytics.  But buried in that seemingly straightforward number are all sorts of nasty deceptions. In this post I’m going to tell you why you should never take your average conversion rate at face value.  You’ll learn […]

8 eCommerce Metrics You Need to Be Tracking


This time, on the eCommercefuel podcast, eCommerce guru Bill D’Alessandro is back to discuss different metrics that you, as a store owner, should be tracking. These metrics can be anything from how much traffic you actually get from mobile vs browser, how many people who visit your site come back, and how much each one of […]

eCommerceFuel Live: The Event for Independent Store Owners


If you’re an independent store owner or eCommerce professional who’s serious about networking with and learning from some of the best in our field, you won’t want to miss eCommercefuel Live.  It’s this August 22nd – 24th in Austin, TX. Join us for a weekend of connecting, sharing eCommerce strategies, expert speakers, breakout sessions and swapping stories […]

Ep #51: Building Customer Awareness with Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot

Sam Mallikarjunan

As eCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping method of choice for consumers, there is more competition than ever for driving traffic. The cost of being able to target consumers who are ready to buy is creeping higher and higher. But what about the often overlooked consumers who are not yet considered a good lead? By […]

Boring Products? No Problem. How to Write Compelling Copy for Anything.

Writer's Block

This is a post from Laura Serino, the new Content & Community Manager for eCommerceFuel.  She’s come onboard to help me (Andrew) with top-notch blog content and improving our private forum.   Laura joins the team with years of professional copywriting and eCommerce experience, which you can learn more about here.  Expect to hear more from […]

Ep #40: Reviving Struggling eCommerce Businesses with Dana Jaunzemis of HomeHealthTesting.com


Buying struggling businesses and turning them into successful, thriving businesses is a rare talent coveted by many business people. Dana Jaunzemis of HomeHealthTesting.com and 44Ideas.net is one of the best in the field. Dana has mastered the skills necessary for success, quadrupling the net profit of her main business, while creating great success with others. In this […]

The Only 4 Ways to Successfully Build an Online Store


Ten years ago you could get a basic store online, add a few products, buy some cheap traffic and – voilà! – you’d be able to build a successful online store. Oh, how times have changed!  While it’s still very feasible to build a thriving eCommerce business today, the competition has become stiffer, and merchants […]

An Interview with eCommerce Pioneer Gary Vaynerchuk


I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary transformed his family’s New Jersey liquor store into wine powerhouse Wine Library, largely by embracing eCommerce in the late 90s long before others realized its potential. He’s probably the world’s most vocal advocate for utilizing social media which is the topic of […]