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Own a 6 or 7 Figure Online Store?

This is the eCommerce Forum for You.



If you’re a 6 or 7 figure eCommerce store owner, you’ll feel right at home in the eCommerceFuel Forums.  Our private community is full of people just like you:  experienced, independent store owners who have a meaningful business online.  There are three core values that define who we are and what we’re about:

Experience:  All our members are vetted and have real world eCommerce experience.  We regularly turn down paying applicants who don’t meet our membership criteria (discussed below) or that can’t add to the conversation and community.

Fierce Independence:  We’re a wildly independent bunch, and most of us are lifelong entrepreneurs.  The majority of us have abandoned the traditional 9 to 5 and support ourselves full-time from our eCommerce business.

Sense of Community:  Life as an independent store owner can be lonely, and that’s the #1 reason we created the private forum.  The community isn’t just about sharing tips and tricks to succeed.  We also support each other, regularly meet up in person and have a lot of fun with community sponsored events like our annual March Madness pool.  It’s a very personal group.


Requirements for Joining

We screen all new members to make sure they bring applicable, real-world eCommerce experience to the community. To join, you need to meet one of the two following criteria:


1) Own a Store w/ a Min. of $100K in Annual Revenue

While most our members have businesses larger than this,  you need to own an online store generating a minimum of $100K in annual revenue (or $8,300+ monthly) to join.  It’s not an enormous requirement, but it’s enough to ensure that all members have real-world experience to share.

While reviewing your application, we’ll ask for revenue verification if we’re not confident your business is at or above this level.

2) Have In-House eCommerce Experience

The forum is also open to eCommerce employees with at least a year of experience in their field who work directly in the day-to-day operations for an eCommerce business. Our community includes in-house team members with experience in importing/manufacturing, programming, product design, warehouse management, email marketing and more.  Important:  Your experience must be working in-house (as an employee, not a consultant) with an eCommerce store to qualify for membership.

What About Consultants, Agencies & Software Vendors?

We’re not currently accepting applicants who work for an eCommerce service agency, SAAS or software vendor or as an independent consultant.  We’ve made this decision in order to create an open environment where store owners can talk candidly about vendors.

Very occasionally, we’ll accept a service provider who a) has a great deal of knowledge in a specific area b) has a solid reputation and c) agrees not to solicit members of our forum.  We evaluate these applications on a case-by-case basis, and receiving a recommendation from an existing member is very helpful.




Why Should You Join?

There’s no shortage of online business groups you can join.  Here are four reasons why the eCommerceFuel Private Forum can help you as a store owner the most:

Help with Your Biggest Problems

What’s the only thing worse than wrestling with a painful problem you can’t solve?  Having no one to talk with who understands!  If you’re anything like the rest of our members, your favorite part of the forum will be connecting with other store owners who are struggling with the same business problems you’re facing.

Just having a community who can relate and understand is incredibly powerful.  But even better is the ability to get advice and solutions as your problems have almost certainly been faced by other members.  Here are just a few examples of threads asking for help, as well as the number of responses from the community:

— How to Reduce Risks When Migration Shopping Carts (58 comments)
— How to Deal with Increased UPS Shipping Costs (89 comments)
— Improving Magento’s Terrible Built-in Search (30 comments)
— Who’s Better for Reviews: Trustpilot or Yotpo? (42 comments)
— How Much Are You Paying for Liability Insurance? (25 comments)

Often, a quick search in the forum’s extensive archives is all that it takes to find the answer you’re looking for.

Members You’ll Love Grabbing a Beer With

Our members are all experienced and vetted.  But they’re also fun, awesome, interesting people you’d want to actually hang out with in real life.  New members frequently comment on how the community feels open, friendly and welcoming – even more so than they were expecting.

We do three thing to foster this type of community.  First, we have a strict “no jerks allowed” policy. We aren’t afraid of kicking out people who are argumentative, mean or just downright no fun to have around.  Secondly, we’ll make it a point to introduce you to existing members to get you plugged-in and connected within the forum.

Finally, we have regular in-person meetups.  From our annual eCommerceFuel Live event to IRCE private parties and local meetups in cities across the world, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with other members in person.


At left, a conference dinner meetup. A right, a Southern California brewery meetup self-organized by members.


Our Annual Community Meetup

eCommerceFuel Live is our intimate, community wide annual group meetup.  We regularly hear from members that it’s the best event / conference they’ve ever been to.

We begin by hosting it in a new, fun city each year (so far we’ve picked Austin and Nashville).  Over the course of 2-3 days, you get to connect with other independent store owners through parties, intimate breakout sessions, fun events and compelling speakers.  It’s a blast, and the limited number of spots are always reserved first for forum members.



A Thriving, Active Community

Our community has 500+ members that add hundreds of new discussion and thousands of new comments each month.  This isn’t your average, sleepy, maybe-a-couple-of-people-will-post-weekly kind of community.  We’ve been building it up for years.  And when you consider the vetting process we require, it’s an incredibly active place.

eCommerce Forum Members
More than 550 forum members across six continents.


Masterminds, Discounts, Videos & More

There are loads of other benefits to joining the community.  We offer personalized mastermind groups, pairing you up with store owners with similar sized business to meet regularly for accountability and advice.  You’ll enjoy member-only discounts on popular eCommerce services like oLark, Shopify, Zendesk, Helpscout, Moz and dozens of others.

You’ll also receive access to more than 30 hours of video content, including in-depth eCommerce training and keynote / breakout sessions from eCommerceFuel Live events.




The Community Is NOT For …

The private forum is a place for those with real-world eCommerce experience who are willing to share with others.  It’s not for:

People Just Getting Started

This is a high-level forum, so it isn’t the place for people just starting out with eCommerce. If you’re looking for resources on how to start and grow your own store, I recommend reading my free eBook and the content on the blog, or considering the Insider’s Guide training program.

Knowledge Leeches

If you’re hoping to join a Q&A site where you can constantly ask question after question without contributing, you need not apply. We’re looking for members who are willing to share their experiences, engage in high-level discussions and contribute to the community.  We regularly remove members who do nothing but ask for help without providing anything in return as it’s not fair to everyone.  Membership is a two-way street.

Getting input and help from other members is, of course, one reason the community is so valuable – so asking questions is encouraged. But we’re looking for members who will meaningfully add to the community as well as receive.


Membership for Less than $1 / Day

Forum membership is $29/month. That’s less than $1 per day. You can cancel anytime, and there are no sign-up fees. If you’re not initially thrilled with the quality of discussion and members inside, let me know within 30 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Why so affordable for such a vetted group? Because I want this to be a community you’ll be involved with for years. At $29 a month, it’s a no-brainer for anyone serious about eCommerce. I want you to be a member for life and know you’ll get significantly more than $29 per month in value.

Note:  After the initial month, membership is billed quarterly at $87 / quarter.  You can cancel anytime and receive a full refund for any unused months.




What Members Are Saying

Albie“The caliber of forum members is what makes it special. The insight shared by fellow professionals tackling the same business issues as myself is invaluable. I only joined recently, and I’ve already learned tactics to improve my eCommerce business.”  — Albie Attias |


SteveChou“This community is an incredible place to meet like-minded eCommerce entrepreneurs. The quality level of the members I’ve encountered has been top-notch, and it’s interesting to hear other people’s strategies for selling online. I’ve learned a lot!”  — Steve Chou | |


Albie“I’ve been searching for something like this for years, and there’s absolutely nothing that compares as far as quality of membership. It’s a community of doers, not wantrepreneurs. Everyone is vetted, which makes for high-level and super impactful conversations.”  — Bill DAlessandro |


jp-linkedin“It’s truly amazing what you’ve put together, and I don’t know anywhere else I could connect so easily with other experienced eCommerce entrepreneurs. What I learned from just one thread is going to save us $5,000 this year alone!”  — John Pearson |


Joe“My store is growing at a much stronger rate now and leveraging your forum and network has been instrumental to that progress. Thank you!”  — Joe Minock, Director, Online Services |


TaylorPearsonInsights! Real insights are inside the eCommerceFuel forum. Seeing how issues have been solved by others in your shoes is invaluable. Everyone has been friendly and very open with their advice.  — Katrina McKinnon |


AndrewEgenes“Your forum has brought together experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs with diverse skill sets. The in-depth, detailed, and relevant discussions are an incredible resource for more effectively growing and managing my e-commerce businesses.”  — Andrew Egenes |


TaylorPearson“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of members in the forum. The breadth and depth of the discussion has been more educational than I could have imagined on first joining.”  — Taylor Pearson |