The 7 Secret Steps to Find, Hire & Keep a Killer Copywriter


Ignore flashy resumes and forget the MLA manual. If your brand is in need of attention grabbing headlines, compelling product descriptions, epic email campaigns and more, you need to focus your energies on much more than a fancy CV. There are … [Continue reading]

How to Pay Less in Taxes Without Going to Prison


Taxes. The one word that most entrepreneurs dread even thinking about, let alone going through the process of filing. If unprepared, a business owner can feel like taxes are a dark cloud looming over them. However, there are many legal ways that … [Continue reading]

How to Start Selling on Amazon with Matt Clark

Amazon Selling Machine

eCommerce business owners often get caught in the trap of considering Amazon to be one of their biggest competitors. They spend too much time and money fighting against the tide of loyal and secure Amazon customers. Yet many business owners don’t … [Continue reading]

10 Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Sell Your Business

When to Sell Your Business

Selling a business can be tricky, well, business. If you find yourself in limbo - unsure of whether it's time to find another owner or simply close up shop, we've got Drew Sanocki on the case. After selling a business he built from the ground up, … [Continue reading]

8 eCommerce Metrics You Need to Be Tracking


This time, on the eCommercefuel podcast, eCommerce guru Bill D’Alessandro is back to discuss different metrics that you, as a store owner, should be tracking. These metrics can be anything from how much traffic you actually get from mobile vs … [Continue reading]

The Entrepreneur’s Curse: A Temptation to Manage Multiple Businesses

Running Multiple Businesses

Here’s what an average day for someone who runs multiple businesses often looks like. They wake at the crack of dawn, check emails, check sales from last night, check inventory levels, check in on orders going out that day, check back on orders … [Continue reading]

Migrating to Shopify from Magento: The Results of our $50,000 Redesign


Last December I announced we were migrating our eCommerce store, Right Channel Radios, from the Magento shopping cart to Shopify.  Not only were we migrating platforms, but we were also pouring $50,000 into a complete overhaul of the brand and the … [Continue reading]

Meet Ben Jenkins: eCommerce Branding Expert, Baseball Player and Designer


Ben Jenkins is a collection of conflicting stereotypes. He’s a retired baseball player with a degree from the Art Institute in Chicago. He’s a southern gentleman who occasionally cusses. He loves to smoke a pipe but is a total health nut. He’s … [Continue reading]

The Minaal Story: From Product Design and Manufacturing to a $350K Kickstarter Campaign

Minaal Bag

Jimmy Hayes, co-founder of Minaal, has the travel bug bad. It started innocently enough when, while on university exchange in Vancouver, he and his friend Doug Barber bought a Plymouth Grand Voyager van and drove 18,000 miles around North America. … [Continue reading]

How Not to Botch Your Website Migration


In my last post, I talked about why I'm investing heavily in a new website and how to prepare for a complete redesign of your store.  In this post, I want to take you inside our process for going from theoretical concept to a shiny, non-botched … [Continue reading]