Hitting $20M in Annual Sales Within 3 Years

Justin Winter has a wildly interesting story with his company, Diamond Candles. They make and sell premium soy candles containing rings that range in value from $10 all the way up to $5,000. Within their first year, Diamond Candles reached $1 million in revenue. Now in their third year, they’re slated to hit almost $20 million.

In this interview, Justin shares how they were able to achieve such a massive feat with a modest initial investment and almost no paid advertising.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • A $20 million growth trajectory from day one.
  • Growth-hacking using the customer experience and how to make a product go viral.
  • How to create product photos without having a product to photograph.
  • Why having a massively customized website doesn’t always translate to sales.
  • The initial traffic sources that Justin used to generate 10,000 sales per month.

What Was Mentioned

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  • Love the interview.

    Why did you drop
    Also, are you open to doing the same for other industries such as jewelry?
    If not, can you recommend someone?


  • Hi,

    Great interview and awesome business model. I was wondering if either Andrew or Justin could weigh in on the gambling/gaming obstacles on this. Were there any? Did you research the legality prior to starting up?

    Congrats on the success and I’ve been passing along the word to all the candle-lovers I know.



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