10 eCommerce Predictions for 2019

This week Bill D’Alessandro and I revisit our predictions for 2018 to see how many we nailed and (more likely) how many just seem silly in retrospect. We also serve up a fresh batch of predictions for 2019 on topics ranging from Amazon delivery to trending marketing tactics to likely acquisitions in the coming year.

You’ll learn:

  • Which of our predictions for this year were correct—and which were totally off
  • What we anticipate for the coming year
  • The 2018 predictions we’re hanging on to for 2019


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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Bill D’Alessandro of ElementsBrands.com)


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  1. Andrew & Bill: Thoroughly enjoyed listening to your predictions for 2019 and recap of 2018. The (potential) demise of Volusion in 2019 really got my attention. I’ve been using Volusion since 2007 and it truly feels that the company has been standing still for some time, then we get hit with a major price increase. Since the increase, I’ve been studying WooCommerce and Shopify while I consider migrating to one of the two platforms. For your members who are on Volusion, I did contact Volusion earlier this month to dispute the increase, explaining to the rep that after 11 years they seem to be standing still, feature-wise, while companies like Shopify have grown considerably creating tremendous value along with a wide-ranging ecosystem of application providers and partners. Volusion did lower our monthly fee significantly and without much resistance. In the end, I do plan to migrate to another platform by mid-2019. Thank you for presenting such great content. – Anthony

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