It’s been a wild few years in eCommerce, so I was super excited to sit down and go over the results of our fourth-ever eCommerce Trends Report for 2022. The results were eye-opening, and there were some pretty interesting takeaways about what is working in eCommerce, what’s not working, what trends are emerging, and what the general lay of the eCommerce land looks like.

In this episode, I’m going over four of the most surprising takeaways, including the best model when it comes to having a strong competitive advantage, pricing tactics that almost always work, and why ROAS is less important than we think. I also discuss something that we saw for the first time ever with Amazon and how really effective branding and marketing played out in the numbers.

You’ll learn:

  • The details of who completed this year’s survey. (5:20)
  • The biggest challenge that store owners are struggling with right now. (8:40)
  • Pricing trends and one of the biggest trends from the full report. (10:20)
  • What powered stores that are growing quickly and/or sustainably. (12:30)
  • Where paid ads stood when it comes to the trends. (18:05)
  • The most widely used and most effective marketing channels. (22:00)
  • Whether wholesale is worth the margin hit. (26:25)
  • The top four takeaways from this year’s report. (32:55)

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Andrew Youderian
Post by Andrew Youderian
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