1. We are a top 500 seller on Amazon and we were suspended this summer for 6 weeks. Not for reviews but for another complex reason. Amazon is a huge portion of our business and I directly dealt with overcoming this suspension.

    I heard Andrew say “obviously you send in the first appeal” and then where do you go?
    I would highly suggest not doing this. Hire a consultant (I have a great one we worked with) and make your first appeal a solid case that’s fully developed.

    The cost of a consultant seems steep Day 1, but is nothing compared to loss of sales, loss of listing traction, and dealing with Amazons silence.
    They also have different contacts that aren’t available anywhere else to escalate the case.

  2. What does the future hold for reviews? Amazon can’t allow a wild west free-for-all but how do they effectively police it? Surely fake reviews will always be in play in some sort of way. It’s hard enough for new businesses acting honestly as it is without having to deal with dodgy competitors.

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