Andrew Youderian

A few years back, Andrew found himself employed in the corporate world at a job he didn’t love – so he quit to start his first eCommerce business. He’s been a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur ever since.

After four years as a bootstrapped merchant, he started eCommerceFuel to share what he’d learned and connect with other store owners.

He currently owns Right Channel Radios and recently sold one of his other ventures,, while chronicling the sales process.   He’s spoken at numerous events on eCommerce, including the 2014 SXSW Festival, and co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping.

Andrew currently lives in the mountains of Montana with his beautiful wife and daughters where he loves getting outside, basketball, skiing, a good bet, taking roadtrips in his VW van and complaining about how long it takes for summer to arrive. You can connect with him on Twitter or via our contact page here.

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