My Biggest eCommerce Regrets

Once again, flying solo, I am talking about what I have learned since starting my first eCommerce business and my biggest regrets along the way. Anytime a new venture is started, there are bound to be mistakes and regrets, but moving forward and learning from past mistakes is how great companies are created.

Listen in as I talk about my 7 biggest eCommerce regrets and what you can do to avoid these in your own business. From finally switching from Magento, to learning to rely on testing and data for changes on my site, I am sharing just some of the things that I will be doing differently in the future.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why you don’t want to only rely on organic traffic.
  • 3 things to remember about your margins when scaling your business.
  • Why you need to know what your lifetime value of a customer is.
  • The difference between bottom-line and top-line revenue.
  • Why you need to rely more on data than gut feelings.

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  1. Hello Andrew,

    This is Wichly Cazeau at Tydynics Smartphone Multi-Services in Haiti. I have to thank you a great deal for all the contents you’ve been sharing and by the way great book (Profitable eCommerce). I’m looking forward to learning from an expert like yourself. Although, I have few questions I’d like to post about my ecommerce venture that’s to launch this month, I prefer not to post at the moment…
    Thank you for sharing your life experience.

  2. Andrew, Just listened to this podcast and really enjoyed. One question that I’m hoping you can help me with is about what you referred to as ‘scale up with paid traffic’. We have our own high margin products that do well, but almost every test and campaign I’ve run with paid traffic is a loser over time. I’ve hired PPC consultants and done a lot of reading on the subject and I suspect that there is a formula. Let me know if you can point me to anything that will help?