Overcoming a Tough Youth to Grow VIPHaircare.com

Darnell Jackson is the Chief Operations Officer at VIPHaircare.com, a 100% black-owned luxury beauty brand that focuses on the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy hair. Darnell has a really interesting story, having grown up without access to a lot of resources and overcoming all of that to build a successful beauty brand with his wife.

Listen in as Darnell shares his journey as a young entrepreneur, how he pivoted from illicit pursuits to business pursuits, and what it’s like bootstrapping your way to the top without a safety net to fall back on. We also discuss why his next focus is on growing a personal brand instead of a business, and how he and his wife are approaching influencer marketing to make that happen.

You’ll learn:

  • Darnell’s childhood and his entrepreneurial journey. (4:15)
  • How he pivoted from the illicit to business. (8:20)
  • What he wants people to know about bootstrapping your way up. (13:25)
  • How VIPHaircare.com started. (18:10)
  • What’s next for Darnell and the business. (24:00)
  • How he is approaching influencer marketing. (25:30)
  • Lighting round with Darnell. (27:15)
  • The lowdown on VIPHaircare.com products. (31:45)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Darnell Jackson from VIPHaircare.com)


What Was Mentioned

Image credit to VIPHairCare.com featuring some of their products.

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