Managing Remote Employees

Working in the modern eCommerce climate has really thrown some of the traditional employment methods out of the window. Danny Robertson of New Industries Group knows all about working across borders. Danny has built up a number of businesses over the years, managing multiple eCommerce websites at a time with a team of employees that all worked remotely.

This week, we’re going to be talking about exactly what it takes to hire and manage a remote team, and how they integrate with eCommerce sites, particularly in those that are still using drop shipping. I’ve invited Danny on to the podcast to share his thoughts on the eCommerce employment landscape.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Danny got into outsourcing work for his eCommerce stores.
  • What tasks Danny is comfortable outsourcing and which ones he is not.
  • Danny’s views on the future of drop shipping and eCommerce.
  • How standard operating procedures are critical for managing remote employees.
  • What New Industries Group is doing to help other eCommerce businesses get off the ground.

What Was Mentioned

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  • Hey Andrew,

    Love your podcast, been listening pretty much since the beginning. Thanks for all of the inspiration and education you provide. We launched our site, JanSan Warehouse, about a month ago, we are a boot strap, B to B, e-commerce company selling janitorial and cleaning supplies to cleaning services and institutions. I listen to the “First Sale Shout Out” each week, and have been looking forward to the day I could have you announce our first sale. I kept hearing other folks getting their first sale on the first day, or the first week, so its been a little discouraging that we have not gotten an order sooner, but I guess sometimes it just takes a little while. Today was the day! We got our first order! I’m totally pumped at this point, and ready to keep on going and keep on growing!
    Thanks Andrew for all you do to help us solopreneurs keep on keepin’ on!


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