Designing Custom Packaging for Your Products

Designing Custom Packaging for Your Products

What’s the difference between a $5 mug and a $15 mug? Generally, it’s all about the branding and packaging. Today Miriam Brafman, founder and CEO of, joins the show to give us a crash course on custom packaging and how it impacts customer experience. Listen in as she explains how her company customizes packaging for ecommerce sellers and how you can get started on improving your own packaging.

You’ll learn:

  • The different ways you can customize your packaging
  • How much custom packaging costs
  • How to get started with custom packaging

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of and Miriam Brafman of

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  1. Awesome podcast! Very informative and intelligent guest! Also, looking into guest credentials the host incorrectly states her as “Co-founder” she is in fact the founder. I suppose the host made an assumption given the fact that she is a successful young female founder…

  2. This is a great idea if some business wants to stand out over competition. Packaging gives an initial impression too how professional a business is.