The Reverse Auction Sale of

After several years of running a successfully growing eCommerce store over at, I’ve decided to put the business up for sale. Of course there are a great number of reasons why I’ve decided to do so.

On this episode (which is just me), I get into those reasons, along with my unique way of promoting the sale. Interested in making a massive commission? Listen in for a special promotion!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • A different take on selling an eCommerce business.
  • The opportunity to pull back the curtains on the sale of
  • How to increase the profit for a low-margin, high-priced product.
  • The surprisingly low number of hours required to run a successful eCommerce business.
  • How I effectively automate the process of order delivery.

What Was Mentioned

This Week’s Winner

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Congratulations to Justin for grabbing your free guide. Be watching your mailbox to receive your Golf Putting Mat with Auto Return! Now you won’t have to wait until you have that swanky corner office to start looking like high society. Enjoy Justin and thanks so much for listening.

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