Tips for Growing to 7-Figures in Revenue

A majority of eCommerce owners make two common mistakes: overspending before making money and spending too much in business expenses that will not result in a future profit. While both mistakes are extremely easy to make, there are two key parts of your business that you should always invest in – advertising and inventory. Advertising, where you know exactly how much you are spending per new customer, and the inventory to entice your customers and double your investment.

This week’s episode is a special treat for anyone who was not able to make it to last weekends’ eCommerceFuel Live Event. Welcome Brandon Eley, founder and owner of Brandon is a 15-year eCommerce veteran, speaker, blogger and author of Online Marketing Inside Out. Brandon shares his incredible entrepreneurial journey, from blowing all of his start-up money, to being near bankruptcy, and turning it all around, to making over 7 figures. You do not want to miss this informative and inspiring session from the eCommerceFuel Live event.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • You have to grow from the bottom up and resist the urge to overspend at the beginning.
  • The two key areas that Brandon will always write a blank check for.
  • How Brandon turned his business around, growing from near bankruptcy to 7 figures a year.
  • The one thing Brandon changed that tripled his conversion rate.
  • The easy-but-valuable step that Brandon uses that nets 5-10% of his revenue*.

*Correction: In the interview, Brandon mis-quoted the percentage. This is the correct percentage, depending on the month.

What Was Mentioned

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  • what do you think the current status of the dropping shipping market, have some unique marketing ideas and a very good website idea/model. But going to do all fulfillment throw drop shipping than later on take it off. Website is built around men accessories.

  • Insightful podcast Brandon. I love hearing people’s success stories but this one was more refreshing as it showed how someone bounced back after making some mistakes ($100,000K in debt is a lot and he could have thrown in the towel if he didn’t believe in his product) – I’ve made some mistakes myself which is has taken some motivation out of me. It helps.


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