The $10+ Million Lifestyle Business (And What’s Performing 3x Better than Facebook Ads)

The $10+ Million Lifestyle Business (And What's Performing 3x Better than Facebook Ads)

Adam Callinan is the co-Founder and CEO of BottleKeeper, a specialty beverage accessory company on a mission to keep your drinks the perfect temperature. Adam grew his business to more than $8 million in sales before hiring his first employee, and now BottleKeeper is one of the leading retailers of beverage accessories on the market. In this episode, we discuss how he was able to grow so quickly without any employees, why he is obsessed with automation, and what it takes to scale your business incredibly fast—without using Facebook ads.

You’ll learn:

  • How Adam grew his business so quickly without any employees
  • How he scaled his business through Facebook
  • What he is using now that is performing three times better than Facebook ads

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  1. Great interview, but I find it curious that there was no mention of Shark Tank. I would imagine the exposure from being on that show and getting a deal from Mark and Lori MASSIVELY contributed to scaling BottleKeeper. Also, in all the talk about digital advertising and agencies Adam didn’t mention anything about assistance from Cuban’s online team, which is always being touted on the show. And did Lori ever put the product on QVC? Perhaps this guy wants to be know as the next DTC founder guru and so does not want to attribute any of the company’s success to external factors. It would have been interesting to hear Adam expound on his thoughts of why naming the company after the product was a bad idea. I’m sure it’s now limiting the brand’s ability to expand product lines, but it may also have made the brand/product more instantly recognizable early on (like say Squatty Potty), contributed to SEO, and minimized any confusion as to what they produce. I enjoyed Adam’s frankness on how agencies are incentivized as well as the current challenges of FB advertising.