Effective Outsourcing Strategies

Katrina McKinnon is a true eCommerce mogul. She’s an Australia-based entrepreneur who has focused her strategy on building multiple stores leveraging the power of remote teams.

On this episode, Katrina shares some of her favorite strategies for finding, hiring and firing remote team members. It’s one of the most in-depth episodes on outsourcing that’s ever been recorded, so don’t miss it!


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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to use scripts to find the best candidates.
  • Keys to hiring the right people using oDesk.
  • Using the power of consistency to save money.
  • How to operate a paid trial run so that everyone is happy.
  • When it’s time to fire a team member.

What Was Mentioned

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  • I honestly actually took notes on this podcast – first time ever, brilliant.
    Katrina, thanks for the buckets of tried and tested info. And on a side note great to hear a fellow Aussie accent out there crushing it 🙂

    Great podcast series, amazing episode.


  • Great post. I listened to this on the plane today and will be listening again to take notes.
    Once I have my research done I will be taking up the offer and sending some questions to Katrina.

    Fantastic work guys


  • Hi Andrew,

    I caught this episode on the way to (and way home from) work and I have to agree with the other comments on this post. This was by far and away the most useful and insightful podcasts that I have listened to in a long while. Katrina’s no-nonsense approach was perfectly complimented with your easy going, but very effective interview style.

    As someone who is just starting out with eCommerce, I wanted to say a big thank-you for serving up this quality content.



    • Thank you Mark!

      I think many people approach hiring offshore talent the wrong way. They will often start by hiring a Virtual Assistant who does everything. They come to rely on that person, and when the relationship progresses past the honeymoon period it starts to stale. The employer often then gets unhappy with ‘whatever’ and their experience diminishes. They then tend to think that outsourcing is difficult and they wouldn’t try it again.

      The no-nonsense approach that I try to encourage is to break projects into single tasks and train the freelancer in that one task. Not try to develop a deeper relationship (this happens naturally over time if they stay working with you). Just approach it from the point-of-view of the task you need to get done, and whether the person is able to be trained on that task.

      I’m not sure that I’ve explained that very well. I’m putting together a step-by-step process guide based on the interview to hopefully help people really get stuck into outsourcing their tasks. It seems to be a common problem – how to actually build and keep a team.

  • Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for the podcasts and the massive amount of useful information you pass along.
    I recently had a successful hire using the principles and strategies discussed by Katrina, the process was amazingly expedited through the leverage of that knowledge.
    Thank you so much for posting such great content, outstanding!


    Steve B.

  • Hello,

    My name’s Davidson and I’m starting an eCommerce site to sell children’s products.

    Katrina’s podcast really intrigued me with regards to all the systems and processes she has in place. Does Katrina do any consulting where she can provide eCommerce entrepreneurs with templates and advice on setting up these processes?


  • Great episode, picked up a few good insights! Agree completely with Katrina re Odesk, we use it a similar way and some really good people on there especially for short term contracts so long as you don’t offer bargain basement rates

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