5 Key Principles to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Francis Teo is from is a bonafide wizard in the world of Conversion. He has become the go-to authority in the eCommerce fuel forums for all things Conversion, A/B split testing, optimization and more.

This week I’ve invited Francis onto the show to have a discussion about what he believes are the most crucial tactics to increasing your conversion rates.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The number one value of a homepage that Francis would split test before anything else.
  • How critical the value proposition is and how it can be the foundation to building a better business.
  • The benefits of usability testing to determine if there are friction issues in your website.
  • How to guide the eye path of a user and designing a page with that in mind..
  • How merchants should be thinking when they are putting together a product selection.

What Was Mentioned

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  • Another great podcast Andrew! What about some conversion tips aimed for those who are just starting an eCommerce website? Does Francis have any glaring “gotchas”? Really enjoying your site and podcasts!

    • Keith,

      Conversion optimization for new sites is exactly the same as established sites, except that you have less data to work with, and won’t be able to test due to lack of traffic.

      Here are a few tips for new sites:
      1. The Value Proposition is very important. The eCommerce landscape is very competitive and not having a good value proposition might mean business failure. If you’re doing pre-launch customer research, you might want to check out Google Consumer Surveys and see what kind of product appeals to your target audience.

      2. Get a conversion specialist or usability specialist to review your wireframes/design mockups as soon as the design and copy is ready. We have a review service that is suitable for pre-launch sites at Conversions Guaranteed, and several of the other CRO agencies and consultants have some form of this service as well.

      3. If you’re launching a bigger site, do pay attention to the categories and filters you’ll be using. Most likely the manufacturer’s categories and filters will not be suitable from a usability perspective for your visitors. Plus you really want to organize it better than your competitors. Categories are something that are very hard to A/B split test, and a pain to change once your site have been established. So getting it (reasonably) right the first time around is a good idea.

      Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out to me if you need more information. Contact details are on my websites linked above.

  • Great show as always. I had to listen and take notes a second time to let it really sink in. Andrew you deliver time after time with great content. Thank you.

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