Building a Killer Content Creation Team

Creating dynamite content and product descriptions is one of the key strategies to carving out your own place in the marketplace. Gretchen Roberts of GretchenRoberts.net is a veritable wealth of information on content generation for eCommerce businesses. Gretchen has worked for a number of national magazines, and she has managed a team of 10 + people responsible for putting together the content and product descriptions for a web store with over 200,000 different SKUs. She really understands content, and how to create, manage and organize teams around producing it.

This week, we’re going to be having a discussion about exactly what it takes to build an eCommerce business around outstanding content. I’ve invited Gretchen on to the podcast to share her experience and insight on content creation.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What a good product description looks like at a high level.
  • Strategies to writing engaging copy that can elicit an emotional reaction.
  • When and how you should be scaling up a team for an eCommerce store.
  • Tips for managing contributors to consistently produce quality content.
  • The top things you should be considering from an SEO perspective when creating content.

What Was Mentioned

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Andrew Youderian
Post by Andrew Youderian
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