Building Customer Awareness

As eCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping method of choice for consumers, there is more competition than ever for driving traffic. The cost of being able to target consumers who are ready to buy is creeping higher and higher. But what about the often overlooked consumers who are not yet considered a good lead? By constantly educating and nurturing potential buyers, helping them to make an informed decision, you are setting yourself and your business up as their store of choice.

Sam Mallikarjunan, head of eCommerce & Marketing at HubSpot and author of Inbound Commerce: How to Sell Better Than Amazon, is an expert of getting your brand and store in front of potential customers. Sam has had years of experience as an internet marketing professional and he specializes in generating leads, customers and revenue using inbound marketing strategies. Listen in, as Sam shares some valuable tips, success stories and his path to converting your traffic to customers and keeping them coming back time after time! You will not want to miss this episode!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The 4 types of customers that you should avoid.
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics and Data is a social science, not physics.
  • Why you should come up with at least 3-5 macro-personas for potential customers.
  • The 4 phases of the buying process and how you should interact with a customer at each one.
  • Sam’s 3 email sequences for successful abandoned cart recovery.
  • How creating an experience that is customized to the individual consumer will set you apart.
  • The big mistake that a lot of eCommerce owners make and how to avoid it!

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    • Absolutely Sam – thanks for coming on! As soon as Letterman announces his last show I’ll schedule the party for us to co-host…. 😉

  • Great discussion on Inbound Marketing. Sam is a very insightful guy. I heard a lot about Content and Inbound Marketing at both Magento Imagine and IRCE in the last couple of months. Taking eCommerce beyond a generic picture and a price serves both the customers and the merchant. Personas are the foundation of connecting with people. Ultimately we don’t sell to B (Business) or C (Customers) but to P (People)

    • Thanks Tom! Agreed, Sam really knows his stuff and gave me a lot to think about as well. And love your quote: “Ultimately we don’t sell to B (Business) or C (Customers) but to P (People).” Perhaps we can jumpstart a new piece of sales lingo? “B2P sales”.

  • Incredibly helpful. Definitely looking at the long term vs. short term effect of my efforts. Revising ideas and strategies as of now.

    Will be checking out the resources thoroughly. Thank you for always posting top content.

  • I was a little shocked as you were Andrew when I heard that $14k+ LTV number of a Starbucks customer — then I found the KISS article where it was likely taken from. That infographic (aka linkbait) was full of bogus numbers and decade old data (from 2004!). You could poke holes in that author’s calculations all day, lol.

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