A/B Testing in the Real World

Ezra Firestone is back for another round this week with 5 tips for A/B testing eCommerce stores. We discuss everything from why you should perform testing on your site to what you should be looking for when setting up a test. You can also see the introduction video that my sales manager and I did to A/B test on my homepage that had Ezra cracking up (and jealous!).

On this week’s episode, Ezra and I use our businesses to provide real world examples of the best and worst ways to set up A/B testing. You won’t want to miss this episode’s valuable advice that can save you months of work!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why framing your A/B testing from the standpoint of your ultimate goal for the outcome of the test is crucial.
  • Ezra’s “Wizardification” of the eCommerce store theory.
  • Why curiosity-based hooks will always work.
  • The two pages to test that will give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Why Ezra suggests running Google Analytics experiments all day long.

What Was Mentioned

This Week’s Winner

Congratulations to Brad Chrisman of for winning this week’s eCommerceFuel shout out!

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    I understand you filter the forum for Pro only (ofcourse absolutly right doing so) however how about fixing a monthly charge to a new option “view only” for Non Pro group ? . Members that will be able to view pasively ( not posting , not responding) just learning from knowledgeable disscusions ?

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  • A/B Split testing on Magento has gone awry lately. Does anyone know how to implement Google’s Content Experiments on Magento? a URL reference if someone has it would be really appreciated…. Thanks Andrew for the great podcast it was a fun listen!

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